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Contact/payment/shipping info

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Payment info:
At this time, we do not do layaway or payment plans.

If you are mailing us funds, it must be received in 7 working days of placing order or we can put the item back up for sale. If this isn't possible call me and we might be able to work something out.

We accept personal checks which take 10 days to clear then we ship the goods.

Money orders or certified checks ship same day as runds received.

We accept the following credit cards with a 3% fee: MasterCard, VISA and Discover.

Shipping info:
Long guns are a flat rate $28 east of the Mississippi, $32 west of it. I can include accessories in the rifle boxes and ship them together to save you on shipping. I can also do 2, 3 and 5 gun master cartons for people buying more than 1 rifle to save you money. It will go by weight and insurance after 1 rifle.

Handguns are either shipped USPS flat rate (price depends on size of flat rate box) to 01 FFL dealers only per federal law, or UPS to C&R holders which they have to go 2 day air. Price depends on where you live for UPS. I will need a complete address to quote handgun shipping costs.

I can not ship ammo with any guns period.

We will need a valid copy of a drivers license (and ship it to that address on the ID) and a signed copy of our ammo statement which you can print out from here ... tement.htm
I will need a complete address to quote shipping costs on ammo. I can send the ammo directly to your dealer if they are receiving a gun for you without all the paperwork. C&R licensee's will still have to send a ammo statement as well as a copy of their license.

Our shop phone number is open from 10am to 7pm eastern time Mon-Sat for phone or fax (we must be here to receive a fax). Please respect these hours.

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