A trip to the museum

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A trip to the museum

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Spent a couple of hours at the museum this morning. No, not the National WW I museum which is also nearby ... this was the Lee's Summit Museum which is about 3 miles from my house. It's tucked away in a building across the street from the Amtrak station and since it was close, it made a nice diversion. We had been trying to visit it for months but Covid 19 kept interfering. Long story and not really important.

Anyway, it's pretty small and (of course) devoted mainly to the historical happenings in Lee's Summit, but there were more than a few interesting artifacts. Some Civil War rifles and muskets. A couple of really small single shot cap lock pocket pistols. Three pistols belonging to Cole Younger, who road with Quantrill and the James Gang.

They had kitchen appliances, dating around the 1930's, from an apparently well-to-do family. The stove was gas - not wood - fired, and the gas fired oven had a temperature dial, which in addition to the temperature, was labeled for the type of food you were baking, such as pumpkin pie, biscuits, etc. They also had a refrigerator - not an ice box - an actual refrigerator, which was rare back then. By today's standards it was tiny. The freezer portion was only big enough for a couple of ice cube trays.

The most interesting thing to me was a collection of artifacts of a local physician, Doctor Miller. He was a U.S. Army captain during WW II and stayed in Germany for while after the war. While stationed in post war Germany he was assigned to caring for Hermann Göring during the Nürnberg trials. Apparently, Göring was in such poor health that they were concerned he might not survive long enough to be tried. As you might recall, he was tried, convicted, and sentenced to death, but managed to commit suicide the night before his scheduled execution.

Nevertheless, Doc Miller managed to get the autographs of all the defendants - including Göring - on a single piece of piece of paper about 18" square, and that piece of paper is on display at the museum.

Cool little museum run by some extremely nice volunteers.

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