Mauser 1910/14 .25 ACP range report rolling target & 25 yds

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Mauser 1910/14 .25 ACP range report rolling target & 25 yds

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Having being the first time I shot the pistol for real accuracy, I can say the pistol did not let me down. To say to shoot the little Mauser rapid fire was fun would do the pistol injustice. A shooter would have to really screw up to miss the target .Recoil is nil due to the ergonomics of the pistol grip and slide movement. The natural point of aim is dead on.
My loads of the 50 grain bullet has it moving out right at 1,000 FPS at the ranges thinner air at 7,000 feet ASL.
My tire launcher is 12 feet long and 8 feet high. A remote triggering device launches the bias-ply tractor tire from a safe distance. There is a paper target in the center of the tire caucus. By the time the tire passes in front of the shooter it is 15 yards away and moving at a running man speed.
The little bullet is moving so fast a lead is not needed. Just swing and shoot. Five seconds were allowed to fire six shots. I did not need all that time.Accuracy was very good indeed. No FTE or FTF.
The second target was a man silhouette of paper set to 25 yards. A rapid fire string of seven shots was easy to keep into the center of aim in the target.
If you have never fired one of the pistols in very good condition you need to. It will show you first hand how well the pistol was designed and shoots.
Rolling tire target:
Mauser 1910 target1.jpg
Paper target at range:
Mauser 191ptarget2.jpg
Center up close:
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