WW1 Russian entrenching tool

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WW1 Russian entrenching tool

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This is an entrenching tool- a little shovel from Russian Army, from ww1 - tsar era. I found it in a Yugoslav army warehouse with obsolete equipment beside German, Austrian, US, Iitalian, Soviet and Hungarian shovels and other soldiers combat equipment. It is interesting because is well preserved and it is from 1915. In the conduct of hostilities, each soldier of the ground forces in the outfit has a small infantry shovel. It is a entrenching tool for sheltering and disguising. At the same time, this small blade can serve, if necessary, as a formidable weapon. The soldiers always monitor the serviceability of the tool, as well as sharpen the edges of the shovel. This makes it possible to apply chopping and cutting wounds, use a shovel to overcome barbed wire and easily dig the ground. Probably was an Austrian WW1 confiscated equipment from eastern front.
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Re: WW1 Russian entrenching tool

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OK, now that is a nice find. :doh:
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