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Hunting with Greyhounds....

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Hunting with Greyhounds....

#1 Post by Rapidrob » Wed Mar 25, 2020 6:44 pm

Some of you might know I have been evolved with Greyhound dogs for about 40 years now. Ex-racers and show dogs. A fun breed as there isn't much they cannot do. They have been War Dogs in the past and are known to all parts of the globe. They are a very old breed with origins clouded in history.
They may be the origin of our word DOG as in the long past a common person was not allowed to own one under the penalty of death. A code word was used if you happened to catch a dog from the Kings stable of hounds. "I'm hunting with the eyes of god..." since they are sight hounds. This was later changed because of the Kings spies to "I'm hunting with Dog", which is God backwards. History is always interesting.
A long story short, i was hunting on Thunder Mountain with my Dog Gunner. a two year old. He has proven he can be trusted off-lead and is a very keen hunter.
There is an old Buck Bunny who I swear waits for us to go on our hunts and bates Gunner to chase him. He does,never catching the rabbit on purpose. A kill is one less chase.
Today for the first time other than rabbits and mule deer, a gray squirrel ( not common here at all ) darted across the trail. Gunner was on it in a flash. It treed after 100 yards which Gunner has never seen before. He paused on a boulder and gave me a look of disbelieving what he just saw happen.
In a fleeting second I was able to take a photo of him on the boulder in his prime.
With the virus keeping us at home now as all the ranges are closed, I take him hunting with me at least once a day on my mountain.
He has a good soul and is very smart. He won't let me forget it is time to go hunting. If you have ever been "hounded" you know what I mean.
He was so excited all the way home. A new animal to chase. He is i n7TH Heaven.
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Re: Hunting with Greyhounds....

#2 Post by OldRog » Thu Mar 26, 2020 9:35 am

Great looking dog you must be proud

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