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1909 Mauser Carbine in .30-06

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1909 Mauser Carbine in .30-06

#1 Post by Arminius » Sat Jan 05, 2019 4:25 pm

Some years ago, I had a BEAUTY of an 1909 Carbine. Really nice rifle.

It was in .30-06, which I thought was nice, as I had lots of ammo and reloading components and dies for it.

Shot like cra*. Not groups, but patterns.

Disgusted, I sold it. I was a fool: i should have kept the action, beautiful, ultra smooth, and that nice boltstop!

My question:

can it be, that these rifles were not rebarreled, but simply reamed a new chamber? So a .308 bullet would be only slightly engaged, and therefore give less velocity and terrible accuracy?

Thanks to all, have a nice day, Hermann
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Re: 1909 Mauser Carbine in .30-06

#2 Post by Reverend Mauser » Sat Jan 05, 2019 5:21 pm

As I understand, a lot of importers simply reamed the chamber exactly as you say, but a standard .308 bullet does not engage the rifling well due to a smaller diameter.

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