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How to reduce the trigger pull on a CZ50/70 pistol

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How to reduce the trigger pull on a CZ50/70 pistol

#1 Post by Rapidrob » Thu Jun 28, 2018 10:11 am

As I have posted recently, I bought my wife Elaine a CZ50 pistol for her CCW. The pistol is well made but has a horrible trigger pull in double and single action. This pull does not help with accuracy.
The good news it is adjustable and it is easy to do and fairly cheap. While there is an expensive "Kit", the kit is not needed. You can buy two spring kits from Wolff springs for 20 bucks that not only gives you the two springs you need,but you will have many springs left to repair other firearms.
The first thing you need to do is unload your pistol and field strip it. Push in the slide release and remove the slide and recoil spring. Then remove the grip.
Now your going to replace the firing pin block spring. This is a little coil spring that does add to the trigger pull in order to have it drop out of the way when you are pulling the trigger.
In order to get to this little spring you must disassemble the slide. This is very easy to do with a small pin punch and a light hammer. You must remove the extractor first.
Drive out the pin from the top of the slide downward. The pin is not tightly held and moves easily. When the pin is driven out of the slide the spring loaded extractor will want to spring out of it notch in the slide. Make sure to keep control of the two parts. Remove the extractor and it spring as one unit. Use your cell phone and take a photo of how the spring is held in place,you can put it back in with the long leg in the wrong place.
Once you have the extractor and its spring out, you will push the extractors pivot pin and loaded chamber indicator out towards the left. You must do this to free the firing pin.
Photograph or make a note on how this parts pin is facing. You can put it in upside down.
Now turn the slide over and using a round punch, push in on the firing pin block. This is in the center of the slide and 1/2 half of the blocks neck has been milled off.
Now push in on the firing pin block and fully compress its spring. At the same time,rap the rear of the slide on your work bench. This will "knock" the firing pin free of the slide. If you slide is dirty, or full of Cosmoline, you may have to do this several times. Pull the firing pin out and now remove the extractor/pivot pin from the slide.
Now remove the firing pin block and its spring. It will not fly out,you have to pull it out.
Note the spring has one slightly larger end. This keeps the spring from falling out of the block.

Now match up the old spring with a newer spring of the slightly longer but lighter force. While holding the new spring in a pliers, use another plier and open up one end of the spring slightly to bind in the firing pin block. Easy to do.
Now put the slide back together with the new spring in place.
Left spring is the new one.
You cannot put the firing pin in wrong and have the slide go back together. The key to the slide is the pivot pin. It keeps the firing pin,firing pin block and the extractor in place.
Put this part in 1/2 way. Put in the firing pin and rotate it with needle nose pliers to align it into its place in the slide. Push the firing pin all the way in, Push in the firing pin block remembering how it was in the slide with the 1/2 milled out portion facing the correct direction. Push in on its spring and also push in the pivot / loaded chamber pin. Push the pivot pin the rest of the way.
Now with the long leg of the little leaf spring of the extractor in the extractor,slide it behind the pivot pin. Align the hole for the retaining pin of the extractor/spring with you punch or small nail, and insert the retaining pin. Drive it in from the bottom of the slide.
Now is the really easy part to replace, the hammer spring. This part is causing 90% of the terrible trigger pull. My original double action trigger pull was 28 pounds! Single action was 10 pounds! Just stupid strong for any kind of accuracy.
I replaced my spring the easy way,not by removing the hammer and its retaining pin and nut.
The spring has a retainer and the bottom of the grip held by a 90 degree plate fitting into a female milled notch in the frame.
Now use a good pair of pliers with sharp teeth. Grab the sides of the retaining plate and compress the spring ( hammer is in the fired position,forward) and remove the plate,spring and dog-leg from the pistol. Notice how the dog leg in placed inside of the hammer.
In the second spring kit,find a spring the same diameter but with thinner coils to reduce the force on the trigger. My original spring was 49 MM long ( 50 was probably new but from age it has compressed a little)
I cut the new spring to 65 mm long. This is because you cannot assume the spring will have enough power to shove the hammer forward with enough force to fire the primer.
If you cut the new spring to 49 mm long is will be too weak! Don't try it.
A too long spring can be cut,too short your boned.
Once you have the trial spring cut,reassemble the pistol.From now on the only thing need to adjust the hammer spring is to take off the grips only and remove the spring retainer.
The two new springs made the pistol a joy to shoot. The difference is remarkable.
The double action trigger pull is now only 13 pounds! This any person can pull and fire the first shot very accurately.
The single action trigger pull is now only 6 pounds on average! IMHO these two pulls are very safe and much more realistic for a CCW pistol.
Elaine has no problem with the double action pull at all. And now she can really concentrate on sights and trigger control rather than fighting just to cock the pistol.
Here are two targets she shot today at 15 yards using my cast bullet 71 grain reloads.
This conversion to a lighter trigger pull took less than 25 minutes to do from start to finish. Its so easy to do,if my dog had thumbs he could do it!
The Old Warhorse pistol will now be her everyday CCW. My .32 ACP defensive loads are more than enough fired in the CZ50 to stop a bad guy.
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Re: How to reduce the trigger pull on a CZ50/70 pistol

#2 Post by 72 usmc » Thu Jun 28, 2018 10:37 pm

Great informative post. Thanks for the time & effort :clap:
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Re: How to reduce the trigger pull on a CZ50/70 pistol

#3 Post by spentprimer » Thu Jun 28, 2018 10:44 pm

Great post Rob!
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Re: How to reduce the trigger pull on a CZ50/70 pistol

#4 Post by jardows » Wed Aug 29, 2018 9:40 am

Thanks so much for the post. I will have to order that spring kit now and try it out on mine!

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