CMP 1911 Sales

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Re: CMP 1911 Sales

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My FFL has a pdf version of his license on his website. If your FFL won't send to CMP find a new one. Transfers should be $40 tops which is what the first one costs me, $20 for second, $10 for third, each additional no charge. Though some dealers in NJ charge up to $100. Is paying more than $40 again find a new FFL.

As for the CMP 1911 I won't be buying. I hate buying what I can't see. Just broke my own rule and bought a Beretta Olympia from J&G Sales and of course no diopter base. I bought a diopter before I bought the rifle and then had to buy a base. By the time I find a front tunnel I will have as much into the sights as the rifle.

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Re: CMP 1911 Sales

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Might be worth it as Im sending my 1911 back to Springfield 1 more time

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