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99 and 38...they're STILL out there!!

Arisaka, Murata, Siamese, Korean, and North China Rifles
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99 and 38...they're STILL out there!!

#1 Post by jimthompson502002 » Fri Nov 03, 2017 12:07 am

Once in a while, something original and unmessed with is still found, like these two from the estate of a recently deceased WW2 sailor, who took them and some swords and a British "Brodie" helmet off a pile in Nagoya in late '45:
two WW2 Arisaka rifles caption.jpg
The 99 is a bit of a rarity, a transition with the drum-shaped bolt cocking piece but retaining the metal butt plate and adjustable but shorter, Carbine-style rear sight.

Nagoya, apparently a Series 7.

Got a Katana and a very weird cavalry sword that seems to be a German made or inspired contract job.


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