Affordable K31 Diopter Sights & Scope Mounts?

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Affordable K31 Diopter Sights & Scope Mounts?

Post by KJakker »

Hello everyone, it seems there were website issues since I last posted on Surplus Rifle Forum, glad to be back.

Now for my question, does anyone know how where I can find Diopter Sights and Scope Mounts for the K31 at an affordable price when ordering from the USA?

I have seen this clamp on scope mount on Brownells for $83.71 while elsewhere such mounts seem to go for several time that price. Has anyone tried this scope mount and if so what is your opinion of it?

I am also looking at the Swiss Diopter Sights, but most of what I am finding online looks like price gouging to me, going for anywhere from three quarters to one and a half time what I paid for my K31 rifle. Is there a way to get such sights at an affordable price in the USA?

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Re: Affordable K31 Diopter Sights & Scope Mounts?

Post by professrh »

The clamp-on mount you linked in your post is the real McCoy. Swiss Products make a number of very high quality aftermarket add-ons for the Swiss rifle family. I use the K31 scope mount and the K11/G1911 scope mount. (The latter is more fiddly than the former, but once in place it's rock solid). Swiss Products also make a diopter set; I don't have one, haven't used one . . . but have heard high praise of them, which is consistent with everything else I know about this outfit.

For more info, you can visit their website here:

You might also want to check out the SwissRifledotcom forums: ... sageboard/ (I've spent a lot of time over the years on the Straight-Pull Rifles forum. . . .


ETA: Swiss Products has been in the past and may still be a sponsor of SRF.
I myself have no connection with the outfit beyond my enthusiasm for their scope mounts and the SRDC forums.

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