MLE 1902/16 Indochinois berthier

Les Fusils Militaires Français, Chassepot, Gras, Lebel, Berthier et MAS 36
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MLE 1902/16 Indochinois berthier

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Hey everyone. I figured I'd start my French posts with my rarest piece. I bought this directly from the family of the vet who picked this off of a VC sniper back in 1967. The family just wanted it gone and I was able to buy it for the lofty sum of $50. Other than the trigger assembly it is all matching and the bore isn't too bad but because of the rarity of this piece along with a few structural cracks in the stock I've held back in firing it and just left it in my Vietnam display. It was ordered in 1921 but the acceptance date on the barrel is 1926, showing that it was a late order. This rifle saw a lot of regional history in the far east and the fact that it's still in this kind of shape is a miracle in itself. Sadly it's missing the elusive clearing rod but it does still have the equally elusive top hand guard, which almost always is missing on these.
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Re: MLE 1902/16 Indochinois berthier

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Good score I would have paid the 50.00 and gone home happy

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