M91/24 Cleaning Rods and improv....

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M91/24 Cleaning Rods and improv....

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Everyone, I know every cleaning rod is sold out on line for a Carcano 91/24....any way to improv one? How long are they? any reproductions out there? Thanks

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Re: M91/24 Cleaning Rods and improv....

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Barrel length is 17.5 inches 45 cm so the rod has to be shorter. On a 91/24 TS it is 16.5 inches. Some rods have threads at the top others at the bottom. No reproductions I know of. How does your rod screw in? There are two varieties of nose caps. You might buy a m91 rod cut it down and re cut threads-- but by the time you get a correct die and the rod you will have over $100 into a cleaning rod. Moral of the story always buy a rifle that is complete unless it's a gift. I would say within a year one may turn up on Gunbroker or flee bay at or around 75 bucks plus shipping and tax. Show us the nose cap.

Wait till the Carcano guys provide an answer. I am not up on the carbines. RenHoek or Airforce 1 are the experts. I only go for the Model 38 Cavalry Carbines with the thin pig sticker bayonet.

http://www.cruffler.com/Features/DEC-01 ... ber01.html

Views of the different rods and there description is found on page 190- 191 of Ralph Riccio's book, Italian Small Arms of the first and second world wars, Schiffer publications, 2014. A must have book. A delight!
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Re: M91/24 Cleaning Rods and improv....

Post by Airforce1 »

Once I get a shop built and get a lather setup one of the first things I will attempt is to make cleaning rods.

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