Bought Franz Stock .32 ACP pistol.

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Bought Franz Stock .32 ACP pistol.

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There is not a lot of info on these pistols. Other than they are very well made,very accurate and were sought after by some of the SS officers for their carry pistol.
To say the pistol is unique would be an understatement. It has a removable breech block/striker and field strips like no other pistol made.
These pistols go for 850 to 1,000 bucks these days in very good condition. They write that about 32,000 pistols were made in the brief life of the company.
Mine has a four digit serial number. The condition is almost mint with minor holster.
Here's the purchase story.
The local gun store is having it's 50 year celebration sale. Lots of stuff sold with 1968 prices! .22 LR for .80 cents a box and the like.
The pistol was marked down to 300 bucks as it has been sitting in the collectors case for a long time. I grabbed it only to find it had been dropped in the last 48 hours. ( I had a photo of it from Monday)
The owner of the store heard me ask the salesman what had happened? I showed him the photo of the pistol undamaged The owner knocked off 50 bucks right off the bat because of the cracked grip. Then the salesman knocked off another 50 bucks for my trouble.
I went to the register for FFL holders and they knocked off another 10% off of the price for the 50 TH anniversary sale. I got the pistol for 200 bucks with tax out of the door.
As I was leaving the store parking lot the lady running the huge "Tent Sale" called me over. She had noticed I had talked to a fellow customer into buying a few hundred bucks of shotgun reloading equipment. She asked me what I had purchased and I showed her the pistol. She asked me if I needed a holster for it and produced the correct leather flap holster for the pistol. "Take it" she said.Thanks for helping out with the sale.
I acquired a really nice pistol for a decent price. I test fired the pistol after a though cleaning in the ultrasound tank.
I'll do a range report tomorrow.
The grip has already been repaired. You can't see the crack.
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Re: Bought Franz Stock .32 ACP pistol.

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What no pictures.................
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