Finnish 1941 Sako m/28-30 Riihimaki

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Finnish 1941 Sako m/28-30 Riihimaki

Post by JoThom »

Hi everyone, as I'm new to this Forum, I'm introducing myself to you lovely people.

I have always disliked MN rifles since I "met" a couple of Sako's M39s and fell in love with them... Looking here and there, I was lucky enough to get a fantastic m/28-30 from an Italian collector; serial no. 101501 - which should be the first rifle produced in 1941 - with a very good barrel. Indeed... the first thing I did was to slag-the-bore: groove Ø = .3082” as it should be.

As I'm handling quite a rare piece, I wonder how many are left out there. Of the 2,000 rifles produced by Sako Riihimaki for the civilian market, about half went at war and, consequently, somehow lost / dismantled / rebuilt, etc. The other 1,000 are around, between EU and USA, since the 40's...
Therefore, what if we start a "fresh" count of the existing rifles ?

Please let me know your opinions and, if you own one, please exchange info & data (yes, also reloading data: I'm shooting with mine; still in the developing process, but have selected lapua 185gns Scenar bullets (actual Ø = .3075") with 45,9gns of N-140, BtO-L = 2,420”; C-COAL: ± 75mm; good load with F-L S&B cases, trimmed to 53,3mm.
Not happy yet, though...

Well, please send your info, if you wish; another collector told me that only 7 rifles are existing in the USA today, so it would be quite interesting to know how many are actually out there... In the UK and EU as well, if possible.

Cordially, Jo Thom

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Re: Finnish 1941 Sako m/28-30 Riihimaki

Post by HectorFuego »

I am unable to help you with your question, but welcome to the board. It appears that you have a really nice rifle though.

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