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PostPosted: Thu Apr 27, 2006 11:25 pm 
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I have looked everywhere and can find no one that can identify this gun:

Make: EM-GE / Model: Unknown / Caliber: Unkown - Maybe .22 or .17/ Barrel Length: 4'' / Finish: Blue / Serial Number: None - only marked with''Patent'' on the left side.

Description: All black or blued (no wood grips). No serial number only marked with''patent'' on left side of barrel. Has a six round rectangluar clip that inserts into the front of the''barrel'' where the bullet would normally come out. Instead this gun shoots out of the top of the''barrel''. It has EM-GE (I believe that is the mark for Gerstenberger & Eberwein of Gussenstadt, West Germany) in a silver or goldish seal looking marking on both side of the grips. It is my grandfathers that he got while he was in the army in Europe, I think, during WWII. It cost him 15 cigarettes (approximately 3 cents). Below are some pictures that will hopefully help identify it.

What kind of gun is this? Where and when was it made? What caliber does it shoot? Are bullets still available? Is this company still in buisness? How much is it worth? What model number is it? How many were produced? Were there other models? Do you know where I can find anymore info on this gun? Thank you very much for any information you can give.

These thumbnail images can be clicked on for an enlarged view.



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It is a Starter/ Tear Gas/ Flare launcher pistol is made in Germany. I have a later version of this pistol. The one you have is very well made compared to mine. The clip/ magazine should have a flat wire retainer for the back of the " rounds " to prevent falling out when pointed upward during firing. The blanks are still available and are around .22 caliber and made of copper. The rounds are rim fire. When used as a Flare launcher or Bird Bomb launcher, the little pistol is very impressive. The flare will go upward over 100 feet and is about 100,000 candle power. The bird bomb is as bad as an M-80 when it detonates. A quick fuse is not fun, trust me. The Tear Gas rounds are CS powder,and not a gas. These rounds are now illegal to own or carry. If you stumble onto any of these rounds, never,ever fire one to "see" how bad it is. You will be very ill for a long time. I was too young and too stupid when I tried it.
Warning: If you fire it in a room or building the CS powder is next to impossible to remove.
I can provide photo's of my pistol if you like.


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Woah, Rob i didn't think anyone would get what that was!

Amazing little peice of machinery, isn't it!


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Yes Rapidrob PLEASE post pictures of yours! And how did you come to find this info out? Did you buy your gun and thats how you know what its for? How old is it? How much was it if you dont mind me asking? I would love to see it. Thank you very much for letting me know what it is. I have been looking for days.


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So I have finally found the model and origin of this gun.
It is an EM-GE Model 2a produced by Moritz & Gerstenberger (EM-GE) in Zella-Mehlis/Thüringen - Germany in the made in approximately 1930-33.


It fires 6mm blanks,


or gasmunition (Tear or CS gas).


It may even fire this .22 short ammo from 1910-1925:


This is the reply from EM-GE - the manufacturer in Germany:

Thanks for sending the pictures once again....
According to this information, we can say for sure that you owe an old EM-GE Starter Pistol Mod. 2 which is not very common these days.
It was produced by Moritz & Gerstenberger (EM-GE) in Zella-Mehlis /
Thüringen - Germany in the 1930 years. (Prospectus attached is dated 1933). We have also attached the instruction for use - not in a very good quality but perhaps it can help you.
If you have got any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Best regards,
EM-GE Sportgeräte
GmbH & Co. KG
A. Martina Brauer”

They attached the original advertisement and owners manual:

Here is a collection of military weapons that also lists it as a Model 2a: ... uss_e.html

I also received this information on a message board (
“Try a Blank or Tear gas gun. They were made by a number firms in Germany because they were not regulated like firearms. You could buy one for a few Marks with no paperwork or questions, like a toy. The blanks or tear gas cartridges fit in the clip and the tear gas is not effective more than a few feet away. However I will say this, When fired inside a canvas closed M151 Jeep, it will cause the driver to go into a snowbank and every one mades a quick exit. Know for a fact.”
-Thanks RJay

Also this from posts:
“EM-GE is a Tradename used on firearms manufactured by Moritz & Gerstenberger (before 1939) or Gerstenberger & Eberwein (after 1939) of Gussenstadt, Germany. EM-GE manufactures a line of cheap firearms and starter pistols that were banned from import into the US by the gun control act of 1968.”

These are some current production models:

Thank you so much to everyone (RJay, Rapidrob, and especially Michakav) who helped me find information on this gun!


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No problem, I like to hunt for the hard to find info.. Glad you got such a good response from them.


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O.K, I'll take photo's of my pistol. It's still in the box. I bought it 35 years ago.


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I was able to find my blank pistol. Seems to me I bought it in 1973 in Naples,Italy. Here are the photos.
The device screwed into the muzzle is the flare/Bird bomb launcher. In one of the others you can see the number of blanks left to fire. The last one shows the built in unloading tool.

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