Hi there from the blugrass state

New Members, introduce yourself and make yourself feel welcome.
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Hi there from the blugrass state

Post by phideaux »

Just found this forum, looks like a lotta good info.

I'm just another old (for real) gun accumalator,
and recently got interested in all Milsurp weapons.
Have a few, but just recently picked up a K98 , unscrubbed, and it shoots straight to POA.

Hope to learn more from you folks,

Thanks for letting me join.


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Re: Hi there from the blugrass state

Post by vandle »

Welcome to the forum Jim.

alot of firearm accumalators on this site. :lol:
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Re: Hi there from the blugrass state

Post by Rapidrob »

Welcome aboard
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Re: Hi there from the blugrass state

Post by OldGrouchyGuy »

Welcome to the forum from a Texas member.
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