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5,7 Johnson 200 yard range report #1

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5,7 Johnson 200 yard range report #1

#1 Post by Rapidrob » Wed Jan 30, 2019 5:14 pm

I had a chance to go to the range today to try a load from the bench. It was cold but winds were 5 MPH or less. The target was a 1/4 size man torso target set to 200 yards.
My load was a 40 grain Sierra SPFB bullet over 13 grains of IMR-4227.
The 5.7 Johnson cartridge can only take a bullet shape that does not go beyond the nose of a .30 carbine bullet when seated
as it must clear the mouth of the magazine.
The load shoots 6" high at 200 yards so a 6 o'clock hold has to be used. But If I do my part on the rear sight centering the carbine will shoot a decent group.
Here;s the target and I pointing to the group just to give you a reference for the size of the target.
5.7 Joshson at 200 yards.jpg
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