Rear sight Info (Detecting fakes)

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Rear sight Info (Detecting fakes)

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Repost of thread in old forum. Post authors are in bold. Edited to remove redundant and unecessary posts.

Note: Dollar amounts are from 2008.


My collectors guide from North Cape Publications has this to say about rear sights "Type I rear sights (flip style) with apertures measuring 0.062 inches are probably reproductions. Original apertures were 0.078 inches in diameter. Original 300 yard leaf sights stand 0.58 inches high while the reproduction is only 0.55 inches high. Hope that helps.

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So if you want to carry some drills to check sights at a gun show, a real flip sight = 0.078 inches or 5/64 drill ; And a probable fake flip sight=0.062 or 1/16 drill. Thanks for the above info. Gives me something to check out. :wink:

My Numrich known cast reproduction $20.95 L sight has an aperture of .071, close to number drill size 50 at .070. Does any one have a US Armory , abc or xyzleigh ebay L sight that they could measure to see how they match up to 0.078-5/64 drill size measurement? Thanks
Does any one have a known original L sight to field test the 5/64 size. Are they really 5/64? The aperture on an original Type B Winchester adjustable is dead-on 5/64.


.078 works on my NPM flip sight.

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LOTS of M1 sights for sale is a RED FLAG. Remember if a specific dealer always has a supply of flip sights and they always appear to have the same finish and wear /grind patterns( characteristics) they are fakes--most likely very well done fakes, but still reproductions. Look at the sellers history, even guys that specialize in gun sights at gun shows rarely have M1 carbine flip sights. Always look at every flip sight you see on a table or carbine to get a feel for the original. Originals are rare birds. Best to buy from some one you know that has a sight they took off prior to the 1970s. :idea:

Added: if on flee bay be sure you see 8-10 close up photos. The real ones (very few offered) seem to have lots of closeups with nothing to hide. Look at the photos close and look over past history. Are the sights all looking all the same, but very nice. No wear? You got a great high quality fake. Do they offer to take it back if you do not like it- you pay postage. Be sure their id is not hidden, their feed back is not private, the seller of an original provides a phone number so you can talk in person because he knows he is going to get big bucks for a true original>$150-200.
FAKE = 1-3 bad fuzzy photos, or the sight is to small in the photo and set to far back. 99% on flee bay =reproduction. They game is also played: you send back sight, but never get cash back- it ( the sight or the cash) got lost in the mail. Do yourself a favor, BUY ONE IN PERSON from a trustworthy dealer.


Dont have to worry about fake adjustable sights. There are are plenty of cheap authentic ones. Flip sights are the ones being humped


There are two different adjustable sights, one is milled, the other stamped. The stamped sight has knurled adjustment knobs, where the milled sight has serrated knobs. Either can be correct for a rebuilt carbine, only the milled sight is correct for a late war gun that hasn't been monkeyed with.


Some late Winchesters, Quality HMCs, and IBMs were originally fitted with stamped adjustable rear sights.


Late Rock-olas were origionally built with type 3 rear sights.


Inlands had both styles as well (stamped and milled).
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Re: Rear sight Info (Detecting fakes)

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The fakes are getting better and better.

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