30 round magazines

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30 round magazines

Post by RJC »

I recently purchased an M2 carbine. I want to buy a couple of 30 round magazines that will feed efficiently.

Any suggestions?

72 usmc
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Re: 30 round magazines

Post by 72 usmc »

https://www.luckygunner.com/lounge/m1-c ... liability/
https://thecmp.org/wp-content/uploads/C ... r_2007.pdf
http://www.fulton-armory.com/%5Cfaqs%5C ... nemags.htm

All aftermarket are garbage. Get a new in the wrap USGI 30 round mag. I'd say a $75-125 adventure. If you got a selector switch, original Korean War M1, full auto, I am sure you can find one at a large local gun show. Watch out for reproductions with correct markings.

You will have to replace the springs> https://www.dupagetrading.com/product/e ... -magazine/
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Re: 30 round magazines

Post by Ghoulardi »

definitely agree with 72 USMC, get a USGI one. aftermarket ones are total garbage and only good for shoot at for target practice or for practicing immediate action skills

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