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Heat Lot and DOM Help!

Posted: Thu May 17, 2018 6:25 pm
by ffuries
For some of yall the information is as easy and basic as your address, which impresses me. Trying to nail down the vintage of the parts on my 1943 SA Garand and I am lost as heck. All I've done so far is a basic break down into 3 assemblies (Removed the trigger group and separate the receive and barrel from the stock). I ruptured a transmission cooler line on my Jeep the same day I picked up the Garand, so that has been a priority. So if someone can help and get this Garand Virgin pointed in the right direction I would be highly appreciative. 

Bolt is D28287-19SA B-15 but I can't find the B-15 Heat Lot or Date listed in online references.

Op Rod is D35382 9 SA I cant seem to find a Heat Lot number listed on the rod, is it located somewhere else on the rod instead of with the drawing number? The resources I've looked at all show a Heat Lot number

The rest of the Drawing Numbers I was able to find during my quick inspection I was able to figure out.

Trigger Group: D28290-14-SA (Nov 44 - Jan 45)
Receiver: D28291-29 (Jul 43 - Sep 43) Serial Number puts it at July 1943
Barrel: S-A-4-49 (April 49)

I can find a Circle P and Non-Circle P on the stock so far, no other markings or cartouches as of yet.

Re: Heat Lot and DOM Help!

Posted: Mon May 21, 2018 6:54 pm
by retread12345678
You might try the GARAND COLLECTORS ASSOCIATION, JOUSTER or CULVERS SHOOTING PAGE. Try to get the latest book about them. It will pay for itself