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Your Favorite .22

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Re: Your Favorite .22

#31 Post by OldRifles » Sat Feb 23, 2019 2:36 am

It's not a military trainer, but a Savage No. 3. .22, .22 Short or .22 LR, it eats everything. No matter what I feed it, it will shoot it, and well. Both of my sons and my daughter learned to shoot this, and I still use it to play around with, and for when the skunks penetrate the outer perimeter of the chicken compound and start stealing eggs...

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Re: Your Favorite .22

#32 Post by indy1919a4 » Sat Feb 23, 2019 11:46 am

You know the older I get the more I appreciate those Boys rifles from the 1900s.. They are simple, they will work forever and if something breaks you can fix it with a hammer. And you are so right they will eat anything. The Winchester Thumb Trigger 22 is made with so few parts to get one simpler you have to get a zip gun..

Post a photo some time, I would love to see it??

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