Pierced primer in Trapdoor.

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Pierced primer in Trapdoor.

Post by BPSTEVE »

I have a really nice 1888 Trapdoor rifle that I finally got around to shooting with Black Hills 405 FBL ammo. I was able to hit 500 meter gong regularly and 300 was almost automatic.

I bought another box and I went out to shoot a few months later. After a few rounds I took a break and noticed that the primer was pierced. I stopped shooting it and went home and inspected the box I shot before and noticed 5 rounds had varying levels of pierced primers, some barely noticeable.

I checked firing pin and I felt a slight burr on tip. I polished it being careful not to polish to point and shot it with same result. I ordered a new firing pin which was a little shorter. I installed new firing pin again pierced primer. Does anyone have any ideas?
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Re: Pierced primer in Trapdoor.

Post by ffuries »

Uneducated guess on my part.....soft primers? Is the firing pin the correct lenght? I'm sure smarter people will chime in soon enough!
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Re: Pierced primer in Trapdoor.

Post by dezzertrat »

Following this thread, because I also have an 1884 Trapdoor. The primer strikes are a bit deep, but no punctures so far. You can roughly measure firing pin protrusion by opening the breech and holding the rifle so gravity causes the firing pin to fall all the way back. Then carefully press up on the back of the firing pin until it's flush with the surface where the hammer strikes it. The front of the firing pin should protrude from the breech face a small amount, but I don't remember exactly what the correct protrusion is. I think it's around .060, but someone should be along shortly with the correct amount.

Save your old firing pin, as the nose can probably be carefully rounded to the correct shape.

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