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Springfield 1841

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Springfield 1841

#1 Post by timbo1955 » Sun Oct 22, 2017 12:05 pm

Found this rifle version in a house stuffed in a closet , and 2 confederate paper dollars the patch box , with the name J. Adams written on the plate , stock was cracked but ram rod , front site , etc were still as supplied when new , still in .54 cal. This one was issued to the state of mississippi in 1848 , but any where on the rifle that any thing to due with the Union was peen out with something , and I was wondering was this a normal thing for Conferate weapon's of the era ?. 2 weeks ago in Vegas I saw a carbine version on the wall at Crackerbarrels and the musket version at Bass pro shops , so I guessing there not that rare.

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