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Hagan's War in the Pacific

Posted: Tue Dec 05, 2017 4:02 pm
by 72 usmc
Repost Review , photos gone

Hagen's "War in the Pacific" series
Author Brigadier General Jerome T. Hagen, USMC, Silver Star Recipient

The Set includes:
1996 Volume I: America at War 0-9762669-0-3
2003 Volume II: People and Places 0-9762669-1-1
2005 Volume III: The Road to Tokyo 0-9762669-2-X
2007 Volume IV: The Southwest Pacific Area 0-9762669-6-2
2010 Volume V: Return to the Philippines 0-9762669-9-7

See this link for a photo of the cover and click on it for the contents of each volume:
Sorry this link is now gone but see this list of best reads on the Pacific--Interesting ... acific_War

Hagen's books are hard to find, out of Print, check used book searches

I was looking at Amazon and Volume 1 of this series caught my eye. So I ordered used paperback copies of all five volumes and have not been able to put them down. A great set that I missed somehow over the years. A little late to the party. But this is a guy that can write. :thumb:
Jerome Hagen’s books are factual descriptions of selected battles, people, units, and events of World War II in the Pacific. His books are not a historical following of one battle or a unified history of the war, rather each book is composed of individual chapters with a wide range of diverse subjects. Hagen's "War in the Pacific" is a collection of historical accounts of World War II. Each chapter stands as an individual historical story and can be read in any sequence you choose. You can pick up reading whatever chapter that sparks your interest. General Hagen has written an outstanding factual treatise of the Pacific campaign with stunning clarity, smooth flow, and interesting odd details not covered in most books.

The style of his five volumes is remarkable, he utilizes stark comments ( like Marines do), and bare bones reality in presenting an impressive
collection of historical accounts. These are published by Hawaii, Pacific University. Used copies can be found on Amazon or a new complete set in paperback can be ordered from the author. Cost varies from $1 used to $30 new. Each used copy that I received is autographed with a note to its former owner. It must still be in print because new copies are on Amazon. The 5 vol set new in PB is approximately $110. I got a set used for about $36, but vol. 5 and 4 are the hardest to find used on Amazon. Believe me they are worth every penny in reading pleasure. On ebay used copies seen to be around 10-15 bucks per vol.