U.S. Knife Bayonets & Scabbards: A Collectors Guide. 2015

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U.S. Knife Bayonets & Scabbards: A Collectors Guide. 2015

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If you own a surplus military rifle, then you need a bayonet to complete your display. Gary Cunningham has just written an updated book on United States bayonets. His book, entitled U.S. Knife Bayonets & Scabbards: A Collectors Guide. 2015, is published by Scott Duff Publications. The cost is very reasonable at $34.50, ISBN 978-1888722-21-5. His book is a high quality, perfect bound paperback containing 168 pages. Crammed full of incredible black & white photos, it is an update of his 1997 book. It is a guide to help identify original bayonets, not a price guide. The book is a great reference for the novice having a bayonet passed down or the casual collector that wants to purchase a correct, non-replica bayonet for his or her U.S. military rifle. It is arranged chronologically and reviews most blade bayonets one would encounter at a gun show, in an attic, or at a auction. Its primary focus is on U.S. bayonets dating from the Krag rifle in the 1890s up to the current issue military blade bayonets.

Cunningham’s 1997 edition has many line drawings. In contrast, this new 2015 edition has hundreds of macro-detail, descriptive photos. There are images of the bayonets and their scabbards. In addition, there are many more photos of close up views showing the blade, handle, hilt, scabbard construction as well as macro detailed views offering a clear visual of the stamped marker’s marks and a wide variety of other manufacturers’ attributes. The guide’s strong point is how closely each bayonet is scrutinized through a series of photographic records. The photography is excellent and its visuals are an important contribution to the text. In an effort to ID a bayonet, the author provides for the lay reader a text specific to each bayonet, photos in an effort to glean more information about the descriptive details, and provides bayonet measurement specifications within a box format. The author reviews the general major bayonet variations and their modifications made to each specific bayonet over its use. As stated, he does not cover the Civil War or earlier U.S. bayonets. In addition, some very rare, seldom found, post-1890 bayonets are omitted.

Cunningham’s goal is to provide a concise guide offering the intermediate or novice collector a photographic balance between too little detail for a collector and too much written detail for the novice so they can identify just what bayonet they actually see. They can use this guide to help determine the correct type for their rifle, as well as the authenticity of a bayonet and avoid the many reproductions on the market. The general military reader and collector alike will find this resource a welcome addition to their library. It has an excellent bibliography, the quality of the paper is top grade, photography is fantastic and details are clearly visible, and Cunningham’s text is well written. The only thing I would have preferred to have seen is a chapter on reproduction/replica U.S. bayonets.

This is just how clear and concise the photos are :thumb: :thumb: =D> =D>

To get a copy order from Scott Duff publications cost is $34.50 shipping is $ 4.95

see http://www.scott-duff.com/DuffBooks.htm#Bayonets


Thank you very much for your review. You were right on the mark as to what I intended to do with the book.

I understand your desire to have seen information on the many replica and reproduction bayonets that are on the market. I left them out both because I had to hold the number of pages down a little, but more importantly because it would have been out of date the day it was printed. Also since I have not been buying them so I don't have good photos to illustrate the details that would allow them to be identified.

I have been copying photos off of the internet from ads for these bayonets, and am thinking of writing a e-version of a chapter on the copies. If I do, I will save it in Adobe .pdf and make it available to anyone who wants a copy.

I am glad you liked the book. I know it is not perfect or complete, but I do hope it will prove to be useful.

Gary Cunningham - Bayonetman
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Re: U.S. Knife Bayonets & Scabbards: A Collectors Guide. 2015

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WRONG FORUM. ???? Please repost if incorrect . Does anyone have info if the pending influx of Garands. will include bayonets ??

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