Rifle Sp. Journal, Guns of WW I

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Rifle Sp. Journal, Guns of WW I

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Another special issue of Rifle Sporting Firearms Journal entitled, GUNS OF WORLD WAR I is out on the news stands. This is Special Edition Fall 2017. Cost is $7.99 ISBN 0162-3593. Wolfe Publishing company. 70 pages. A nice issue. Most articles, 6 out of the 10 are written by Mike Venturino. Photos shown at bottom

There is also a 2014 book by Mr Venturino called, Shooting World War II Small Arms that is priced around $54. see this at Amazon or lower link from publisher- not many used ones around.
Table of Contents
Chapter 1: American Infantry Rifles Models 1903, 1903A1 and 1903A3
Chapter 2: American Infantry Rifles Model 1917
Chapter 3: American Infantry Rifles M1 Garand
Chapter 4: British Infantry Rifles SMLE No. 1 Mk III and No. 4 Mk I
Chapter 5: British Infantry Rifles Pattern 1914
Chapter 6: Soviet Infantry Rifles Mosin-Nagant Model 91/30 and Finnish Variations
Chapter 7: Soviet Infantry Rifles SVT40
Chapter 8: German Infantry Rifles K98k
Chapter 9: German Infantry Rifles G43/K43
Chapter 10: German Infantry Rifles MP44 Sturmgewehr
Chapter 11: Japanese Infantry Rifles Type 38 and Type 99
Chapter 12: Miscellaneous Infantry Rifles
Chapter 13: Personal Observations on World War II Infantry Rifles
Chapter 14: Sniper Rifles
Chapter 15: Carbines
Chapter 16: Introduction to Reloading Rifle Cartridges
Chapter 17: Reloading: 6.5x50mm Japanese
Chapter 18: Reloading: 6.5x52mm Italian Carcano
Chapter 19: Reloading: 6.5x55mm Swedish
Chapter 20: Reloading: U.S. .30 Carbine
Chapter 21: Reloading: U.S. .30-06
Chapter 22: Reloading: 7.5x54mm French
Chapter 23: Reloading: 7.62x54mmR Russian
Chapter 24: Reloading: .303 British
Chapter 25: Reloading: 7.7x58mm Japanese
Chapter 26: Reloading: German 7.92x33mm
Chapter 27: Reloading: German 8x57mm (AKA 7.9x57mm, AKA 7.92x57mm)
Chapter 28: Reloading: 8.56mmR Hungarian
Chapter 29: Cast Bullets
Chapter 30: Accuracy
Chapter 31: Sights
Chapter 32: Handguns
Chapter 33: Submachine Guns
Chapter 34: Introduction to Handgun Reloading
Chapter 35: Reloading: 7.62x25mm Tokarov
Chapter 36: Reloading: 7.65mm French Long
Chapter 37: Reloading: 8mm Nambu
Chapter 38: Reloading: 9mm Parabellum
Chapter 39: Reloading: British .380 Mk I and Mk II
Chapter 40: Reloading: .45 ACP
Chapter 41: Reloading: .455 Webley
Chapter 42: Replicas and Reproductions
Chapter 43: Rifle Caliber Full-Automatics
Chapter 44: Factory Ammunition
Chapter 45: Putting Them to Use
Chapter 46: Battlefields - Conclusion

https://www.wolfeoutdoorsports.com/shoo ... mall-arms/
He was a contributor at cast boolits for some time. Lots of Knowledge on reloading and shooting.

Here is a review of Venturino's 2014 HC, 328 page book. Sounds like I might buy this one:
http://www.classicarmsjournal.com/book- ... mall-arms/

2017 Magazine cover and contents photos
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Re: Rifle Sp. Journal, Guns of WW I

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Nice, got get out and find a copy.

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