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Fond Du lac WI Gun Show

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Fond Du lac WI Gun Show

#1 Post by 72 usmc » Tue Apr 09, 2019 11:01 am

Wi people within 3 hours of Fond Du Lac .
This Saturday 13 April is the kind of the end of the gun show season for most large shows. So for those that feel lucky and got cash to burn--it is a great show. Spring and summer have few shows and most people are busy with other outdoor activities. So for the Wisconsin crew, the largest show in the state is going on this weekend 13-14 April at the Fond Du Lac fairgrounds. Generally, always plenty of surplus firearms at the spring show. But, prices be crazy of late. Over 500 dealers. The last hurrah.

So the better shows will start up again in fall with the advent of hunting season. Most of the smaller bowling alley or legion hall shows also seem to cluster during fall/winter and die off at spring. Summer is always dead because there is just to much stuff to work on... It always seems few people attend the summer shows. With decent weather most are getting out to shoot. :dance: :dance: Snow is gone, although we are expecting 5 -8 inches on Wen /Thur :roll: :think:
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