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Posted: Sun Apr 07, 2019 4:31 pm
Hi indy - Yeah, that's one way.


Posted: Wed Apr 10, 2019 10:11 pm
RAMBLING # 2- - Just some of the ways that I do things – Pan lubing....We all have had problems with this in not getting the lube in all of the grooves. I do a double heating so to speak...I have two hot plates but it can be done with one of course. Make sure your are using a firm the bullets normally and pour the melted wax in as usually but let cool and then heat that pan really hot to let the wax flow into the grooves. If one is in a hurry and has another hot plate they can combine this operation.

Over the years I have fiddled with the wax with oil and etc. But now I use just pain straight candle wax. I think the only reason for mixing some other concoctions is trying to get better accuracies by some other means than just learning to shoot better. One time a fellow gave me 30 pounds of candles and wax...remember KISS...Keep It Simply Stupid. Maybe the oil gives it a slippery feature??

And, I have never had any trouble getting free wheel weights for casting from tire dealers. I have never bought any lead or lead alloys. The sellers of the weight don’t take in the used weights. Maybe some employee just tries to make a little on the side. And again, I don’t think that going to all of the trouble and expense of mixing various alloys will appreciable increase any shooting accuracy. When I have asked a tire dealer after I have just bought a set of tires if I could have some used wheel weights they have always, always said help your self. The last time I had a S-10 pickup and I loaded that poor thing down with maybe 800 to a thousand pound. I haven’t ask for any in the last ten years.

A few years ago my son came by and we went out back and he shot every rifle and hand gun that I have. It was all with my hand-loads. He would just turn the pistol over and glance at the other side and shoot. And I said, “ Where in the world did you learn to shoot like that.” And he said. “Oh, I don’t know.” Well that was not exactly true. It was all because of his thousands of ‘dry-fires’. He could get in 500 to a thousand in an evening setting in his living room. It’s all about learning to repeat a sight picture before pulling the trigger. He would just interject a few live firings.

I asked him how may guns did he have and he said 115 hand guns and 15 shot guns. Now this needs some further explaining – that is a whole different story.

I make my own Black powder – good black powder, like most don’t. With just a vary noticeable light wisp of smoke. And now it is coming out at 3 something a pound. The real only expense is the Potassium Nitrate at 3 $ a pound. I use Seep Willow for my charcoal. When I first moved here over 20 years ago there was a fellow in town that made and sold his own line of custom Black Powder and he used the local Seep Willow – that’s how I knew about it. It is so nice to work with and has some feature in it that makes it burn better and cleaner. Once one learns to make there own more properly they will become aware of the dirty, fouling regular commercial stuff. Notice the nick-name, Mule Fat. DuPont makes explosives as an ingredient from the old pine stumps known as Fat Lighter or Stump Lighter. I think it is a similar thing with this Seep Willow. I can shoot this 1917 all day long with my black powder and just get a grey on a white patch. Also since I am not a good pistol shooter, I shoot the same with the Black Powder or smoke less powder.
One can not get good charcoal by burning wood – burnt wood gives ash.

I am convinced that the bore lapping is the big reason for no leading or powder fouling. This bore finish is around 800 grit. I measure grit finishes with a microscope. Just slug the bores as normal with the lightly oiled soft lead and compare the surface of the slug for lapping progress. Some lightly wax Jacked bullets – I think that is a good thing.


Posted: Thu Apr 11, 2019 2:35 pm
Have you seen on the current news about the picture of a Black Hole 100 million light years away which were here-to-for just theoretical. Astro Physics has become factors way above Mind Boggling. I have a couple of telescopes and I can just make out the rings of Saturn and I think that is something. To see something that has happened 100 million light years ago to me is just beyond comprehension. A guy on the news this morning said that our galaxy, the Milky Way, is just one of 100 million galaxies. That is just what can be estimated so far. No one can even guess where all of this ‘stuff’ came from. And here in the clearer skies at 8000 feet it is said that in the field of view at night are around 2 billion stars. It just make me feel so insignificant to think about bullets and black powder. I still have a Ham Radio License and I can talk to the guys on the International Space Station.


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Mulefat ( Seep Willow )… Baccharis salicifolia
Posted on June 19, 2013 by admin
IMG_5556Living in one of the more flora diverse states in North America, I often take for granted some of the flora resources available to me, that are not available to others.

Recently, Creek Stewart, of Willow Haven Outdoor contacted me asking me if I could send him some Mulefat. Of course I agreed, but it left me thinking, “Wow! I’m pretty fortunate to have it so available to me, to the point it can almost be considered invasive in some areas”…. Shhhh! You never heard me say that. The fact is, Creek is not the first to ask me to send him some. So, what is this wonder wood people want so much?

Baccharis salicifolia

Mulefat, or Seep Willow —as it is commonly known in Arizona— is the go to wood we use out west for hand drill spindles. They grow straight, are of the right diameter, and are also of the right density for firemaking. But what is little know about mulefat is it had so many other uses to Native Americans, more than just a tool to make fire with.

Mulfat is all the green shrubs you see. Notice the long straight stems
Mulfat is all the green shrubs you see. Notice the long straight stems
The Cahuilla and Costanoan tribes both made a infusion of the leaves and washed their hair and scalp in order to promote hair growth and prevent baldness. Cahuilla women would make a decoction of the leaves and used it for gynecological hygiene.

Digueno Indians made an infusion of the leaves and applied it as a poultice to bruises and insect bites.

Navajo made an infusion of the plant and used it as a lotion for chills from immersion.

Both the Mojave and Yuma used it as a starvation food by roasting and eating the young shoots when nothing else was available

The Cahuilla, because of the long straight limbs, used mulefat in housing construction

The Kawaiisu made arrows from the long straight limbs and also burned the plant to a black powder and mixed it with another ingredient to make gun powder.

Of course, we know some tribes also used mulefat for hand drill spindles.

I hope you enjoyed this article on Mulefat. Now you know it’s not just a firema


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They must lie just because they can. I have had a secret clearance most of the time since I was 18 until I retired in 1995 – had the FBI lie detector tests for clearances beyond. A while back I asked them for a copy of my FBI record because of the ‘Freedom of information act’. The only cost would have been 50 cents per page coping fees, and they wrote back that they can’t do that because I have no FBI record. Now maybe it is an FBI policy not to do such things but not to just lie and say I don’t have an FBI record. In 1952 my mother said just what have you done after I joined the Air Force and two FBI men came to our little town of Walker Minn. and stayed a couple of days asking about me. What it was was for a secret clearance for me to start in an Electronic school. And since then I worked every working hour in Military Aviation Avionics until I retired in 1995.


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RAMBLING # 5---I might have some more ink left in the computer and some may not be aware of the things that happened in the 737 Max crashes. I learned to fly when I was 19 and bought a plane in 58 and as I have said been involved in aircraft avionics for 45 years. When they went to 20 hours minimum for getting a private license from 40 I thought they that they should have doubled it to 80 instead but politics trumps safety. Years ago basic auto pilot on a plane was a way of reducing the actual time spent controlling the plane and reducing fatigue. The pilot flew it to cruising altitude and then switched on the auto pilot. Then over time the systems became more sophisticated. The aircraft manufactures like with 737 Max have went to the trouble and ‘expense’ and has passed this along to the buyers as the better and safer and more efficient way of flying. It looks like the manufactures in this case Boeing, has recommended switching to auto pilot 2 minutes after take off with maybe 5 to 8 minutes before landing, or whatever. This is a selling point with Boeing. Since the buyers paid for this and it is written in the manuals, the air lines feel obligated and it is probably part of the legal flying guide lines to follow this.

It is typical on a flight for the pilot and the copilot to alternate the take offs and landings – one will do the take off the other will land. The typical job of the copilot during the flight is to take care of radio contact, receive the weather updates, watch gages and whoever is not making the landings lower the flaps. Okay, here is a problem, a pilot or a copilot that may actually get only 2 or 5 minutes of flight control time during the flight will actually log in the complete flight time or one half, depending on company policy. There is almost never any training time for a pilot in the piloting of a plane that they will become a pilot in. It is done in a simulator. They will go directly from a simulator to the job of the pilot. In the case of the Ethiopian 737 Max pilot that was making the take off, I heard that he had 207 or 307 hours. Now this could probable mean his whole flight training career. Now remember he got to log in all of his flight time, not just the few minutes of take offs or landings. This is not just for foreign airlines, it is the same for our airlines.
If it wasn’t for the integrity of the aircraft manufactures this couldn’t be. Planes would be following out of the skies right and left. The same with military planes. They use poorly and insufficiently trained maintenance personnel but with very good pilot training. I have seen it said that in some cases, don’t know where, a pilot with a commercial license can just take a paper Air Transport course and then fly as a pilot with an Air Transport license. A fellow I know, a retired Fed-Ex pilot, said that he was checked out as a pilot in 8 or 10 different big planes with just simulator time. He said that his simulator and class time for a 747 was 10 days. I have 45 minutes of simulator time.
A pilot here or anywhere can go from a simulator one day and take off or land a plane the next day with a plane load of passengers. I would think that if I were to be a CEO of an airline I would just make provisions for the pilots to get to cruising altitude before switching to auto pilot. Just to forego any malfunction of the system like in the two 737 cases and others. They could be with enough altitude to recover from the malfunction and get actual flying control experience.
I don’t think like politicians, I just think that I know how they can think, usually.


Posted: Wed May 08, 2019 1:39 pm

Every morning when I awake I have a dozen and one things on my To-Do-List and of course can only get started.

On the crow shooting with the Gamo Air Gun...the flying crows are completely safe. I have shot at least 100 pellets and as far as I can tell haven’t come close except for one showed a hitch in flight. I just haven’t gotten around to determining a lead.

I am trying to come up with a light load in .45 to help in keeping near on target for second shot. The lightest bullet mold I found was 161 grain and I am shooting for about 600 FPS. Does anyone have any experience with barrel porting with this? I have been thinking about just drilling the holes. And I have seen where some port the barrels of a shot gun – what is the purpose of this?

I have seen the videos of Jerry Miculek and I saw where it was said that he uses full .38 loads. From what I have seen I just find this hard to believe. It looks like to me that his barrel rise is no more than a half an inch – how can this be? I don’t even have a .38 where I could begin to shoot that fast. That must be some real special gun works beside his strong fast trigger finger.

I have been watching some Alaska videos on trapping and I believe they mostly are making the same mistakes that I made as a kid born and raised in rural Iowa until I was 15 and we moved to northern Minnesota.
Mainly the idea of trying to hid the human scent. There were a lot of red fox in Iowa but I never could trap one. They were just too darn smart for me. And then in 95 after I retired we spent two months of the summer in Alaska and on the way back in mid-Canada we happened to stop by a fur sales shop. They were into fur sales big time with international sales with mainly Beaver, Fox and Marten fur sales. The lady told me a couple of things. They only trapped the male beaver and I asked how they did that – she said they would just tear a little hole in their dam and put a couple of traps. Apparently only the males build and maintain the dams. And for the fox they would typically shoot a couple of birds and build a little fire and roast the birds a little and then stomp out the fire and tramp around the area. And just the other day I figured out the rationale. The roasted birds and the human scent around would over-power the scent of the traps and it would be ignored. I had just never thought of it that way.
And then when we moved here I met an old timer that was a Government Trapper in the 20’s and 30’s and he told me the same thing. Don’t try to hid the set but take a leak, stomp out some cigarette butts and this will attract them to begin with and they will ignore the traps with some grass covering them. I do believe this. I bought a half dozen traps from him and caught a coyote and a Bob Cat behind the house. I had a heck of time getting the nice pretty Bob Cat out of the trap.
Yes, yes, get that foxes attention first and then put two traps together.

I called a fur buyer that comes through here periodically and buys furs but he was very particular on prime furs and and clean furs...15 dollars for out of prime and up to 65 for prime and clean – for coyote.

And after my computer problem I cannot ‘select’ a photo for posting and cannot copy and paste a URL, I can’t get it to turn blue. I will assume it it still a problem with my control panel.


Posted: Wed May 08, 2019 7:50 pm
by Mashuga
OLDGUNNER, I'm glad you're still posting. Keep working the crows with the air gun. I'm betting you'll get it worked out and start dropping them. Let us know how it goes.


Posted: Thu May 09, 2019 11:14 pm

Just more of This and That -

I saw on the news this afternoon – A police officer shoots back at a shooter that shot at him with an air pistol...officer charged. Now as Samuel Clemens has said, “Don’t believe anything you read and only half of what you see.” Well, had there been TV in his time, he probable would have added TV in with the ‘read’ part. It was only a ten second thing, so no details.

It looked like someone shot at the him as the shooter was in a passing vehicle so the cop didn’t see it coming. But this is exactly why I would make a very, very very, poor LEO. I would not normally let someone shoot at me first if I could help it. And then have some overzealous prosecutor try to convict me of a crime. No, I realize that normal LEO’s would not agree with me but if someone with a fake gun, an air gun or a real gun would point it at me, I would shoot first and then ask questions later – no I wouldn’t ever apply for an LEO job. I understand that someone has to do it – I would have no problem with that.

I lived in Phoenix in the 60’s and had a Phoenix City Police Officer as a next door neighbor and he told me that the City Mayor had told the Chief of Police that they were having too many wounded suspects sue the City for big money after an officer shooting where one was only wounded....And therefore if a police officer had to shoot a suspect that he was to empty his firearm into the suspect. And then told me...An officer was called on the carpet for not empty his six-shot revolver into a armed bar robbery suspect. His excuse was that he thought the suspect may have had a partner and therefore shot him only five times – The officer got a, well...okay on that. And another case where an officer shot a suspect only one time with his .357 and was asked why. The said well the suspect went down after one shot and there were a half dozen people standing around so he didn’t think that it would look too good if he just shot the guy in the back another five times. And the officer got a pass on that one too.

I mentioned one time that I had a son that had a security guard business and one time I ask him how many guards he had and he said 275. Just he and his daughter ran the business until he passed away. It was one of those cases where all doctors are not created equal. He came down with an infection in a leg and died in 5 or 6 days. Another doctor then said that the infection was not treated aggressively enough and that he could have saved him. He was 54, retired from the Air Force as an E8 and his last job was NCOIC of the Comm Group at Langley AFB after 20 years. He just made one last final mistake and chose the wrong doctor.

That job drove him out of the Air Force. He said that Langley had 29 General positions and as we know in the military one has to go up the chain of command but Generals can come down anyway they want. So...the generals just skipped his boss and would call him directly at any time with them wanting him to get their thingie fixed right now. I was lucky in that respect, I retired with 27 years in the DOD and never had to put up with any of that.

When my son retired he went to school on the GI Bill with 1200 a month and both he and his daughter went to the same school with the same major and graduated at the same time in Computer Science, on his 1200 per month. Now she has run the business for the last 6 years all by herself and she wants to sell it and get married.

A couple of stories my son told me time a supervisor was trying to sneak around and catch a guard sleeping on the job at night, but the guard was not sleeping and shot the supervisor, but didn’t kill him. Another time a guard was guarding a payroll and just stole the money at gun point and has never been heard of since. Another time a guard was unloading his gun at a bus stop and shot a young girl on the bus, but again she wasn’t killed. Another client, a resort owner didn’t want the guards to carry real firearms so they just carried fake AR-15’s. A client hotel owner was a gambler, was in the hole and just happen to be talking to my son one evening and said that he had scraped up over a hundred thousand dollars and was going to try get even, and if he had a bullet he could barrow for good luck. The guy lost his money and shot himself in his car later and left a note saying he was sorry that he couldn’t return the bullet.

It has snowed off and on all day here and with the winters snow still on the mountains all around us. We are setting right at the edge of a 40 mile meteor crater that happened 65 to 70 million years ago - some time before the great Colorado Up-Lift. We are just south of the Great Divide by eight or ten miles at 8,175 feet. A neighbor lady and my wife hiked to the top one time – not me.


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Oh hey Mashuga - I don't know about that, when those crows are at 30 to 50 yards I think that I am looking at a 15 to maybe a 25 feet lead. The velocity of the Gamo suppose to be 975 FPS. I have some figuring to do. I have a 24 power target scope and I may be able to see the pellet in flight and just see how much lead that I may need.


Posted: Sun May 12, 2019 3:02 pm
by OLDGUNNER1 ... 0667.m2042

Just in passing----These are most useful, no one should be without one.


Posted: Sun May 12, 2019 3:21 pm
Hi - This is just a questions to hand gunners, or anyone. Do you happen to know if Jerry Miculek is getting his S&W revolvers to firing faster than typical semi autos?


Posted: Mon May 13, 2019 9:22 pm
by shoot4fun
With a semi auto rifle AR, he's just a little shy of a full auto AK.
Jerry with semi auto AR vs bump stock is pretty close too.

He emptied an 8 round cylinder in 1 second on a single target. Also 8 rounds on 4 targets in 1.06. 6 shots, reload and 6 shots in 2.99 seconds. I know that's faster than most of us can fire a semi auto.
That's about as fast as most competitors can shoot a semi auto.


Posted: Thu May 16, 2019 4:27 pm

GOOD GOLLY – I wouldn’t mention this if it wasn’t for a good average of the member’s age here would be between fifty five and sixty five. Last week end I saw on the TV news some congressman or another politician say, “We are living in the dumbest of times.” I don’t think that anyone can have a good argument against this. I think that I have a pretty good guess on just why this is, but I don’t have the necessary background on just who or what group of people started it here in the US. The only two incidents of this that I am familiar with are Vietnam and Cambodia where the philosophy was, “Keep them dumb because then they will be easier to control.” Of course most of Africa is this way. It is being done more subtle here unlike the two places I mention. The French in Vietnam would not let the Vietnamese have schools for the Vietnamese. Only the French were allowed to go to a school. Fact is the French had left four or five years prior to my arriving there in November of 1967 and I do not recall seeing any evidence of any school for children during the next 11 months, or any school. I was in Saigon only a couple of times with most of my time in and out of DaNang so I don’t really know about if Saigon had solved the school issue by that time.

An incident that happened just a couple of days after I arrived in DeNang...I was setting in bar in downtown talking to some girl and a little boy stuck his head in the front door and shouted something...within a couple of seconds a dozen girls and the cashmere grabbed her money box and all ran out the back door. There was the mamasan and me, And I said what in the world just happened? She said well the girls pay the boy some coins to warn them when some policemen come down the street. And I ask why, ‘Well the police will just run in a bar at random and grab a bar girl and take her out in the middle of the street and shoot her. I said the French has left a few year ago, why are they afraid now? She said oh yes but the policemen are the same. Sure enough a couple of minutes later two policemen came walking down the street. And I asked why would they do this....oh just to keep everyone reminded who is in charge. I went to visit my folks in Florida when I left Vietnam and my mother said well tell us what you have been doing and I told her this story, and she said, “Oh I don’t believe that.” And...I just didn’t tell her anything anymore. And years later in a movie I saw where some guy said to another, “One can’t talk about Vietnam with someone that hasn’t been there.” With much truth to that for example. But, I spent the next 11 months there and didn’t see that again. Apparently about at that time they were told to knock that stuff off. That was a rotten, rotten war and I could tell you things that you would find hard to believe.

Cambodia...the Khmer Rouge Regime with Pol Pot in charge took a quicker approach. He didn’t want to waste any time with any slow subtle nonsense – He wanted to get right to it and kill all of the intellectuals among his own people. School teachers, librarians, college students, and their teachers, doctors, lawyers, anyone that may oppose his idea of a new society. One estimate I saw was 25 to 39 percent of the population. And, and, I will point out that you may not know that the rest of the world did not, DID NOT, object to this. They just set back and didn’t want to sound hypocritical. You may think that this doesn’t sound right but, I say they didn’t say anything because they secretly just wished that they could be so brazen to do such a thing. We are so slow at this, but I saw this morning on the news that we made a small step in this direction. kill the unnecessary. Some congressman or other politician said that he didn’t say that all Medicare programs did this or not but henceforth Medicare would not pay for the 7 to 8 thousand dollars for a hip repair after a fall that broke a persons hip if they were over 75 and on Medicare. In other words if one doesn’t have supplemental health insurance that will cover it, they will have to pay or they are out of luck. Okay, I am here to tell you that I witnessed this very thing. It may sound gruesome to some and definitely goes under ‘off topic’. But when I was in the physical rehab facility for my cracked back we were two to a room and the other guy’s name was John. John had a stroke and was faulty at foot. He had been there about a month before I. So John used a walker as I. Well, he fell and broke a hip. They took him to the local hospital...two days later he came back and the word was that he was not a good candidate for hip repair or replacement. He was 87. Now what would this mean? He would normally be confined to a wheel chair?...or, I don’t know if he lacked the necessary supplemental insurance or what, but It was decided by ‘they’ or a few others that it would be too costly or inconvenient to pursue a repair, or what but I am pretty sure that John didn’t have vote in what would be done with him. In retrospect I don’t know if John came under this new Medicare policy or not but I do know this. I was witness, just 12 feet away, from what they did to poor john. At two AM the next morning a strange fellow came into the room and pulled his curtain, spent about 10 minutes with him and I didn’t think anything about. The facility people came and went all the time. That is until a half an hour later a representative of the County Coroner's office came into the room pushing a cart with an empty bag on it. They tagged him and bagged him and wheeled him out. Sure enough, John was killed by a genuine real life Grim Reaper. He just didn’t have a scythe and snath. This was not one of those ‘Do not resuscitate’ signed certificates cases that we all sign. It was not an assisted euthanasia, it was just a plain, you are biting the dust whether you wish it or not buddy. I am saying this because some of you may find yourself under the same circumstances. As we all know this is not legal in all states. I said that I was well enough to get out of there and I am using a walker just as well here at home. I am here to tell you that a ‘small hair-line crack’ of the spinal column can mess one up, especially at 85. It has been just about three months on the mend. I saw just the first of the bills the other day and they were over ten thousand. That included a month in the rehab facility and it is going to be a lot more. But I opted for the expensive heath insurance all along with it continuing with my retirement – luckily nothing cost me a penny out of pocket for any heath issues. But they sure take a big chunk out of my retirement pay.

Back in 1967 they told me that if I would do them a favor and go to Vietnam I could then go back to the Philippines, and they held true to this. I worked in the Philippines for a total of 21 years until the Mount Penatubo eruption destroyed the town that I was living in and destroyed Subic Bay Naval facility and Clark Air Base. I was living 17 miles from the eruption. One can see with Google earth the lake that formed after the top 2000 and some feet blew off. If one may be interested look at some of the YouTubes of the Mount Penatubo eruption and I was right in the middle of that. ... ction=true
Here are some photos of our town 17 miles away. We were living in a concrete apartment building luckily. ... &FORM=IGRE

Back to the degradation of our education system, as planned. Keep us dumb so as to be easier to control. I can see it from the time I got out of high school. Oh how I hate the word ‘got’. Over twenty years ago a news item – only 40 percent of a Florida 10th grade class could identify Florida on a unnamed US map of the states. I had to know the multiplication tables in the third grade. In 1957 I met a 6th grade School teacher in Oxnard California who said that he just started the multiplication tables half way into his 6th grade.

A few years ago here in Colorado some school districts went to a 4 and a half day school week. A high school student told me that on Friday it was just 25 minutes of each class doing nothing. Okay some school districts this last year said since Fridays were worthless lets just eliminate Friday as a school day and and they did. And they said that if this works out okay, they will make the school week a three day. Now just what may they mean by ‘if this works out’ ? If this isn’t a planned degradation of the school system here, what is? My wife told me that she heard that there are graduates of the local high school here that can’t get into the Army because they did not pass the tests. Now is that bad or not? But they can be elected as congressmen and I think that they are proving that every day.
AND – Some Colorado representative has proposed that since most school age children now use the I pads and etc for writing, we should just eliminate hand writing in the schools as part of the normal curriculum.

I have heard on TV that 30 percent of the student bodies of the big Universities here in the US are Chinese students. And just the other day I heard that there are 1700 Universities under construction in China. Now that could be bum dope of course. I have been to mainland China and I wasn’t really impressed with the place, but that was 30 years ago. 30 years it was just a dank and drabby place.

No, I think that one of the problems with our school systems are the parents, and I think that the teachers feel the same way. I know some that just flat quit because of the parents being allowed too much input.

When I went to Vietnam in 1967 I was attached to H & MS - 17. At the time It was part of the First Marine Air Wing. I noticed that the Marine snipers were using hollow point bullets, a certain type of Nato 7.62 Match ammo.. The Hague Convention of 1899 outlawed the use of such, but the US was not a signator so it was okay. “...the parties will abstain from using “bullets which expand or flatten easily in the human body.”

And I could carry the issued noncombatant card if I wished, but be warned that the VC and NVA had a habit of nailing the card to one’s forehead if captured. It was not heard of a DoD contract person to come out alive if captured anyway. And one could not tell just who was a VC or NVA...if one didn’t get killed by one, they were just lucky. One time I just happened to see one shoot at me...he just jumped up and shot and I heard the bullet whiz by my head. At the time there was a marine walking around that wore a necklace of dried ears. Now why such nonsense was allowed, I don’t know. And opium burners were sold in the PX concessions. Little kids would openly sell pot outside the PX’s. And little girls would show a bunch of porn photos out side the PX’s and when the number of onlookers were so many, they were trained to pull the pins on under garment grenades – rotten, rotten war. One of the tricks used was to use rubber bands to tie down the handles of grenades and drop them in the outdoor privies. It would just ruin one’s whole day when the rubber rotted. And one was suppose to feel better with drinking beer in a bar enclosed in chicken wire. It was meant to make it harder for someone to throw in a grenade. Life wasn’t easy there at the time. Now if one may wonder just why one would put up with this if they didn’t have to, they might have a hard time at it. ... massacre-1 This happened just south of DeNang. I was there at the time. In DeNang, not in the village. Just another example of the rottenness. We know about the written rules that a military type does not have to follow unlawful orders but that is just a crock. The people in that village had no choice, they were just living there tying to stay alive the best they could. Captain Medina just said to Calley before he left, “Just kill them all.” Now all of the extras thrown into the stories I say were part of the Medea hype, although I wasn’t there of course, but from what I heard it didn’t agree. Being a scape-goat is just part of normal military day-to-day operations.
These pictures are not fake, just day-to-day activities. ... ction=true
The night of 30 January 1968 I spent the entire night in a bunker three feet from my bunk out side my hootch with the front lines 50 yards away with small arms fire all night long. At that front lines there was a marine every three feet, luckily.

As for living in the dumbest of times, did you see the TV shot of the streets in LA with all of the pop-up tents on the sidewalks? Now if that isn’t dumb, what is? ... &FORM=IGRE I wonder if the California people even realize what kind of place they live in.


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Just an oddity that some may not have heard of – The Pratt and Whitney J-58 engine later used on the Lockheed SR-71 was designed to burn coal - just coal and no other fuel.