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Posted: Sun Jun 10, 2018 11:20 pm
FWTW ... 0A_ch2.pdf

By the way....look at page 2-4...”Heat treatment theory”, this is just what it means, “THEORY’. Theory meaning an unproven hypothesis. The first paragraph of this has a lot of meaning. I Think of it as a best guess so far as to help explain how things ‘may’ work. It doesn’t mean, THIS IS HOW THESE THINGS WORK. Anyone who has taken any serious metallurgical college classes realize this. It is a tool to be used to help understand how to successfully perform metal heat treating. I have read one other in-depth theory of metal heat treating and I didn’t understand one word of it – entirely different words and processes were used. The normal heat treating theory that one normally reads works so well it is accepted as the most easily understood and most don’t bother to add the ‘Theory’ part. That is the way with a whole lot of chemical processes-just theories.
Quite often a teacher may have a little story to tell in their class...and I remember this one. One time years ago there was a steel sword maker that had slaves working of him and one day there was an uprising of the slaves and as he was hammering out a hot sword one came at him and he run the hot sword through him...hey, this sword is extra hard. He became the best known sword maker, but it required a new slave for each sword – one sword, one slave. And another in a physiology class...In old Roman times the doctors would diagnose diabetes in a patient by sipping some of their urine...adds some truth to ‘how sweet it is’. There is a word in English and I can’t recall it but it means that no one knows anything for sure except for that that they had just seen.

Anywho, I just keep in mind that when someone is telling me that they know something for sure, I may have my other ‘theories’.

Oh yes, this one...We have all been in a class where someone wants to argue with the teacher when they think they are wrong. The first night of a class I took that was called, ‘Quantum Mechanics’... The teacher told this story...The Dean of a college was giving a graduation speech to the class. He said, “You all have learned many facts in the last four years but we think that half of them are true and the other half are not true, but the problem is, we don’t know which is which.” one interrupted the class with their own theories. And by the way he said that he and two others were working for DuPont in the late 30’s and they developed Teflon.


Posted: Mon Jun 11, 2018 6:32 am
Think of this funny story – The back yard Black Smith knows that they know how heat treating works where as the PHD of Metallurgy knows that he doesn’t ‘really’ know how heat treating of metal works. It’s pretty darn hard to get inside that piece of hot metal to see just what is going on in there.