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#1 Post by OLDGUNNER » Sun Feb 04, 2018 1:25 pm


I mentioned the contaminated water supply in Vladivostok when I was there...let me add to this. They did have ‘Black Market’ water but allowed it to a point. In doing this it was a ‘Grey Market’ area. Meaning, well, it is really ‘black market’ but we can allow it because people need water.
Capitalism in Russia at the time was completely a NO-NO. If it was required, the government would provide it. This meant no private enterprising. Just in the last 20 years or so Russia has gotten the taste of Capitalism and it has caught on like gang busters.
Okay, there was no Government provided water, but some people had ‘hidden’ wells dug in their back yards...just like it was when I lived in California. In California, I don’t know in how much of the state, If one dug a well, they were required to put a meter on it and pay the state for the water used. Here in Colorado, as far as I know, most small home-owner wells are not metered but very restricted as to their use. Just recently they are allowing ‘Rain Barrels’ to collect water for a garden or flowers. And I see where the size of the barrel is limited.
Okay, in Russia they were not going to ship in water for the 900,000 people of Vladivostok, so they allowed the people with wells to sell water to neighbors. And one could see a dozen people standing in line to get a bucket of water. And a whole lot of new wells were dug in people’s back yards. This was a Grey-Market.
Right now here In Colorado if one digs a well on the sly and gets caught he is in big trouble.
I said that I would find this photo – I took the picture...a little KGB party. Notice the bottled water in the lower right...these are the only times that I would see ‘water’ to drink. All of these people were KGB, except for the few of us. This was just for us – a going away party.

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#2 Post by VMASCIOP2000 » Wed Mar 14, 2018 1:06 pm

"A gateway jug." Yikes! We in the Midwest take water for granted. I see a rain barrel very rarely around here. A resourceful idea.
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