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#1 Post by OLDGUNNER » Sun Feb 04, 2018 12:33 am

Here is an example of some of the bum-dope one may find on the web written by fools. They are just writing about something that they ‘think’ should be true. They are dumber than a pile of two week old dog crap.

Along comes this article, no doubt this is straight scoop but some may let it mislead them just because it does not cover the area of human wood consumption, which can be done most properly and most nutritiously.
https://www.extension.purdue.edu/extmed ... NR_203.pdf

Next step....
Yes, it talks about adding other ingredients to make the bread more tasty...tasty, but not REQUIRED TO MAKE IT MORE NUTRITIOUS.
And it mentions one major point, about half way down the article, “Nutritionally the peridum and rhytidome are not as generous as the phloem or cambium as they do not contain starch or carbohydrates digestible to humans.”....DIGESTIBLE TO HUMANS....

Anyone that was a Boy Scout and paid attention, learned that they was always food just under the tree bark...good nutritious food. Some say that some tastes like the meat of the coconut. It was popular with the American Indians.

The Russians had their ‘Sawdust' and flax seed oil bread to help keep them alive during portions of WW2. Their Sawdust was from the all of those Birch Trees that they have, the cambium and phloem layers...Maybe not a very appealing bread, but nutritious. They only wished that they had some muskrat. All of the time that I was in Russia I drank birch tree juice, except at official parties with the KGB, and they had bottled water shipped in from the west. I have a picture of one of those, I’ll find it and post it. This was because the regular city water was contaminated.

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