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Newfoundland Seal Flipper Pie....
The Sealer Ships would go out in the spring and (harvest the seal), I could not do this, this way. There were, at the time I was there, three main Sealing Ships out of St. Johns. I remember hearing on the radio...The Terra Nova is coming in with 10,000 pelts, and if they saved all of the flippers, that meant 20,000 flippers.
When I was there there would be some that would just walk out on the ice flow to get some, but I just never found that to be too prudent. The going price for a nice pelt was maybe 30 dollars. The regular sealers would go to the northern parts of Newfoundland where the ice flows were more firm.
One time a buddy and I did try it – He checked out a couple of .30 Cal carbines with a full un-opened box of ammo and with a case of beer, we were off, up the eastern side of the Island. The idea was that we could find an ice berg that had come ashore that we could walk out on, but they were all out in the water and we could see the seals but would have no way to retrieve them so we just sat there and drank beer and shot at Sea Gulls...that was my one and only try at seal hunting.
I did just read that now-a-days that they have quotas, like maybe 70,000 a year.

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