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#1 Post by OLDGUNNER » Thu Feb 01, 2018 11:31 pm

This is suppose to be the ‘Fun & Trivia channel ‘...where is all of the fun part? I had plenty.
And enough ‘Trivia’...
The best part about Newfoundland is that it is so plumb full of good looking women...one’s cup sure can runneth over. The men there are so spoiled that they don’t appreciate this. I saw this everywhere when I was in the Air Force and lived there. My only ex-wife came from there...my ex-wife and my present wife are the best of friends.

One time they agreed for us to meet in Laughlin, Nevada., which we did a few times. She lived in Phoenix and still does. I was setting in a bar on the River Walk talking to a guy and they walked by and saw me through the window....they came in and sat down just laughing and having a good ole time. After after a minute, I introduced them to the fellow that I was talking to....this is my wife and this is my ex-wife. He did the head jerk-back thing, and after they left he said that he had never seen such a thing. The ex-wife’s husband died of something, right now forget just what.
Oh yes, the 3rd song...I well remember the Newfy stomp...
https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=Fa ... ORM=VDRVRV
I did go back a few years ago with my wife. The place has changed of course...When I was there before I don't recall a single lighted intersection traffic light and only one gas station, with two pumps. There were that few cars. Now it says a 100,000 population with all of the cars and things. Look at a video of St. Johns - what a difference.

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