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#1 Post by OLDGUNNER » Wed Jan 24, 2018 1:15 am

Strictly for what it’s worth---I just received my latest LEE Re-Sizer in .285 which I will burnish out to something near .300 for my two 7.35 Carcanos. My other two LEE Re-Sizers work slicker than owl snot without any lube, leaving ‘NO LEAD’ behind. I can see where LEE recommends using his messy, sticky stuff. I don’t know if he has left these dies unpolished on purpose just to sell his lube or not, but I found it unnecessary after I polished them.
And another point – LEE has in the past somewhere said that if one wanted to resize regular Jacketed Bullets with these Re-Sizers use some kind of different lube. After I get this burnished out I will see if by chance I may be able to re-size a .308 Jacketed Bullet to the .300. If I can, I can see where with this rather economical re-sizer after polishing can lead to all kinds of custom bullet making for all of these different sized bores. I have a pretty heavy press so I will find out if I may be asking too much from these dies or not. I just happened to think, I have an Arbor Press that will do it if my regular press won’t do it. Oh heck, I have a 20 ton press also.
What I really wanted to say was here is a YouTube I just came across on these Re-Sizers – slick and very useful, I think.
https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=le ... ORM=VDRVRV

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