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I took these pictures off Hawaii but I was offered a job in 67 of going on ‘Shakedown’ cruises on new navy submarines and subs just out of major overhaul. I would be checking out new Navigational equipment...and with the Emergency Escape training, sounded okay, except....except for - - These cruises were typically for 30 days, all submerged, and they all involved going down to maximum design depths and I had heard that some captains liked to go a little further, as maybe with the USS Thresher just a few years earlier. That’s the thing that took a little off of any interesting part. Do any of you guys remember the Thresher incident? That was where the ‘Updating’ guys were not too good with their math and the Thresher broke up at depth. Like the old saying, “Figures don’t lie but liars figure.” Maybe they were not lying on purpose but the results were the same.
So I said no to that and that I wanted to go back to the western Pacific. The next day they said how about Vietnam...so I took that, with the First Marine AirWing at DaNang and if any of you were in Vietnam in 67 you know that that was no Pacific Paradise picnic. Although I do have some pictures of our Christmas Day 67 picnic on China Beach, DaNang.
And I stayed working in the western Pacific until I retired in 1994 after two years in Hawaii.

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