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http://www.wired.co.uk/article/russian- ... morgasbord
A Russian story that is purported to be true and I believe it. But the bigger story is about the Russian Lab created diamonds...undetectable from the a real natural diamond. But their dilemma is that they can’t sell either of them but at a ‘trickle’, because of course there has to be control of the supply. At any rate, the retail price of diamonds is now back to only about twice that what it was in the late 40’s, or 50’s...roughly, plus or minus.
When the Russians first Lab created diamonds hit the market, DeBeers thought that they could solve that problem by Laser inscribing theirs. Apparently they forgot that the Russians could inscribe theirs with anything that they wanted. Despite any of the precautions in the attachment, I think that all diamond dealing today is done by, “Oh what the heck, all we know is that it is a diamond, do you want it or not.”
When I was in Russia I was with this girl and I saw a line of people at a jewelry store. And I ask her what that was all about. She said that they were just buying their monthly 1 ounce allotment of gold. At the time the world gold market price of gold was 75 US per ounce. The Russian gold price, there, was $29 per ounce. They would buy their 1 ounce of gold and sell it to a ‘smuggler’, who would take it to Japan and sell it for a profit. And she offered that she would buy her 1 ounce per month.

This is my hunk of ‘high quality imitation Emerald’, commonly called glass.

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