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Just some Bum-Dope and story - - I was just looking on some web sites and I saw examples of what I would call just plain ‘BAD DOPE”. I would guess that it is another case of people just passing along misinformation just because they don’t have the right information to pass on.
I saw some information on these Ruger Single Six’s as to production dates versus serial numbers and it doesn’t jibe with what I know.
I was in the Air Force and just 4 or 5 days after the 1st of January, 1954 in a local PX I saw what the ‘Guy’ said were some new Ruger’s that he just got in. He had three of these Ruger Singles Six’s. And I bought two of them on the spot...for 38 and something dollars each. I had just been transferred to Torbay Air Base in Newfoundland, on the first work day after New Years. And I could really be sure that they were made in 1953...but all that I saw on the present web sites says that this was impossible.
I have went on to shoot thousands of rounds with it.

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