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I have relation that live in Phoenix and anytime I go there in the summer I see ‘Thermite’ Welding going on with the the rail tracks. One will not usually notice it except when they light-off the welding....a big flash will burn for a minute or so. They can cut out a small piece and weld the joint in just a few minutes..that’s how they usually handle the long welded rails. when it gets hot. There are more ‘safe ways’ but expensive. The whole rail road business is an ‘ECONOMICAL TRADE-OFF’, as this article mentions, as are all businesses. In other words they absorb the cost of the occasional wreck and death of people customers and employees because it is more economical than to spend the money on more safe conditions. You know what the web of a rail is. If they would make that web 50 % thicker they might cut the wrecks by 50 or 75 percent or what ever. But it is cheaper to just put up with a wreck now and then. I’ll find a picture of an expensive expansion joint.

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