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MUD HOUSES ----It is not uncommon around here for some one to buy a used automatic Adobe Block making machine for 45 thousand...make enough block to build a house and then sell the machine for 45K. It is not just here, this is done all over the south west. The soil here is ideal for Adobe Block. The next door neighbor did it a little different...he had his 20 year old son work for a local block maker and took his wages in block. In a couple of months they had the block to build their house.
And the present owners don't spend a nickel for fire wood or propane. They just have a couple of electric heaters in their bathrooms and have an electric hot water heater and electric kitchen stove. We have enough sun the year around to keep that house warm enough at night. Their house is 16 inches thick. I understand that Dennis Weaver had his walls 3 foot thick.
It is now 82 in the shade and that neighbor was this morning ice skating on our pond....'our' meaning the subdivision's pond.

I just stuck a thermometer outside in the sun and it read 111 F. I know you low landers don't have weather like this. We don't have a bit of snow here but look at the Wolf Creek Web Cam, 7 miles away.

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