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For those that don’t have the convenience of being able to just shoot out of their back door.

If someone would ask me my most pleasant way that I have lapped a barrel, I would say like this....which is true.
I made these maybe 15 years ago...maybe 20 or so. These are just some that I didn’t use. Well, one looks used.
I made some leather laps like pictured, they still have the thread on them that I used to hold the leather on until the glue dried.
With me there was a lot of DIY. Otherwise one may just find an old shoe tongue for the leather. I shot a deer. I have a black powder rifle. I made the cast lead bullet. I made the Black Powder. My wife skinned the deer. We ate the deer. I had the hide tanned. I didn’t ask my wife to skin the deer, she just said, hey can I try that. And she later skinned a big 4 point bull elk. She was/is a country girl. I have a wide selection of lapping and polishing grits. I mixed the grits with a variety of liquids trying different things, water, mineral oil, old hand lotion, which I finally decided was nice to work with, the old hand lotion. Lately I have been fire lapping, I guess just because it is quicker. But as I say the most pleasant...I could set here in the house and hand lap and check with a bore light as I went along...it does just as good a job and one gets a feeling of more control. It just takes longer. By the way, one can get a more and better variety of polishing compounds at a lapidary shop than with that JB stuff.

So...in retrospect it was ‘nicer’ to do it in the house. ...hand lap with my little leather laps. That is the way that I did a lot. I will try fire lapping with my wooden dowel bullets just to see how that goes.
Years ago when I didn’t know any better, I tried the poured lead in the muzzle with the steel rod, to me that was one big mess and I sure will not ever do that again.

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