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Here is an example of how the military just spends millions unnecessarily. I was setting in the club having a beer with the Navy captain that had just come back from Vietnam after being in charge of clearing Haiphong Harbor of the mines that we had dropped in the harbor to discourage foreign countries from doing business with North Vietnam. The news media got a hold of a picture of a Shell oil tanker setting in the harbor delivering oil to the North Vietnamese. Some of you may remember this. Then....then, our military powers decided that they had to do something about this ,(Johnson and McNamara), when everything like this was going along okay. We couldn’t sell oil to the north but we were letting Shell and other oil companies sell oil to them....for us. Remember we wanting the conflict to keep going. ‘We’ being the people who were making all of the money from it. I had a job that doubled my salary for being over there. I think that was mainly the reason that I ‘volunteered’ to go there....maybe, huh. You takes the money, you takes your chances.
So....This Navy captain said that they didn’t lose a single man on this mine clearing job. And I said heck, you shouldn’t have had to do that in the first place, the Navy could have just secretly dropped phony concrete bombs, the mines were just 1000 pounds bombs with magnetic detectors, that would have detonated as the ships passed over them. And just had a couple of real ones set with timers to go off later just so the north would think that had gone off do to ‘over’ sensitivity. And THEN, if the north figured out that the mines were not real, THEN drop some real ones.
The next evening at the same bar the captain said, “You know, that would have worked.”
Now I can only assume that someone with some common sense would have suggested that but was overridden by McNamara as not ‘being good military type action’. Besides we can spend a lot more money by doing it this way. And...the US taxpayer did pay a lot more money, multi millions more.
And not to take anything away from the captain, he was promoted to a new job as the XO of the Philadelphia Navy Yards.
One time my boss and I met in the hall way and he just casually said, “What have you done for your country today?” And I said, “Well I just saved them 4 million dollars.” And he stopped in a flash and said, ‘ How’, and then...”Oh that’s just your job”, and walked on.
Remember that picture of the South Vietnamese Officer shooting the prisoner in the head with a pistol. Well the media didn’t bother to add that the prisoner had just murdered his wife and kid. And that picture may have added the final up roar for the US to quit the war.
Just like now, the country doesn’t really know what is going on behind the scenes.
And on the mines, I think that we violated a clause in a Hague convention that we ‘signed’ that, stated that no one shall place mines in the waters that will not ‘self detonate’ after a set time...I think. I don’t remember the exact wording.
On the violation of using hollow point bullets, look at the bullets that were issued to our military snipers and used in Vietnam....308 Match bullets with a hollow point. Oh, that’s a little hole so that’s okay.
I was on a troop ship with 4,500 others in 1953 that had just dropped everyone off in Germany and was coming back and hit an old German mine that had rusted loose and sank...everyone got off before it sank.
Oh yes....the general pubic is just to keep on working and pay their taxes...which is okay. What is it, “Too many chefs in the kitchen spoil the soup.” Or words to that effect.

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