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This is Trivia and not a Fun thing – It is a front-end Camber adjustment tool for a vehicle, and see that yellow label on it. It is a liability warning that this tool may cause death to some people. And I can see where this can be true. If some people should accidentally put this into their wrong shirt or jacket pocket, it could kill them deader than the door-nail.
By the way, these can and ‘probable’ will do a better job for adjusting and setting your vehicles front wheel camber than any expensive front-end equipment at a garage, if one does it by themselves. Solely because at a garage they usually have a machine and setting ‘tolerance’, plus or minus, and are under a time restraint, where as one can when doing it themselves, adjust it to a more accurate setting. And I always do my own complete front-end adjusting for this very reason. And for me this is one thing that I stay away from a garage for.
A good thing they have a Trivia section, huh.

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