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I just thought of something. I have always looked at the bore surface as I go along fire lapping a bore and saw that the lands were getting lapped more and quicker than the grooves. That’s why I would shudder at the thought of using jacketed bullets for fire lapping, and use only pure soft lead. Why not use something softer than lead and really give those lands a break – try to equal things out. Why do we use lead----because everyone just has it in their heads that bullets are usually made of lead...so we use lead. So....as I am setting here having my first morning cup of coffee I am looking at the bare branches of an apple tree. NO.....apple tree bullets would be too much trouble. BUT...Wooden Dowels ....ready made and come in different sizes. When I buy dowels I usually check them with a finger nail on the edges to get the harder ones...I can pick out the softer ones just as well. Heck, I could use any and not see any difference. I am convinced without even trying them. Mop the bore with my compound...round off the fore ends a bit to press that compound into the riflings and lap away. I’ll bet that this will work slicker than owl snot.
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