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Sure I have other molds a lot of LEE - not because they are cheaper but because they are easier for me to modify and tune up to make a good bullet. I can spend some times over an hour or more on one - otherwise, as new, I will get a crappy bullet - guaranteed. As I have said it is not LEE's fault... at all. There are letting a lot of people make a bullet within their means. If it wasn't for LEE there would be a lot of people that couldn't afford a hundred dollar mold, plain and simple.
I just know for me it is more difficult to rework a regular steel mold than the aluminum. I have some Lyman and some I can't think of the name right now. I bought four or five Lyman one time at once and everyone was so bad I don't even use them, except for one in .45 that was hard to work on just because it was steel. Of course everyone has their own opinion. I'll find a Lyman and take a close-up of the machine marks. If one has worked on them both they should know what I am talking about.
Where in the heck is a spell-check on this program?

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