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#1 Post by OLDGUNNER » Fri Dec 08, 2017 1:57 pm

One thing about guns that I really dislike. There are so accessible to people that shouldn’t be around them. They are dangerous to be around. Three times I can recall of this. I say and think that all children of responsible parents should be familiarized with firearms as early as possible and no later than 5 or 6. And give them a BB gun at 3. I know darn well that kids are shot in their homes when some kid after school shows some other kid there father’s gun. The parents have thought that they were doing good by not letting their child see their gun and trying to hide it from them – to protect them and one will shoot the other.

I met a school class mate out in the woods one day and he was messing with his .22 and shot near my foot. In high school I went out duck hunting with a class mate that had ‘borrowed’ a brother-in-laws semi auto shotgun and in the process of loading it shot off into the air maybe two feet from from my head – not good. A coworker and I went out into the desert one time in California Rattle Snake hunting. We hadn’t gone more than 50 feet from the car and was in a rattle snake nest. There were two rocks beside the trail ...he jumped on one and I jumped on the other. We both had .22 revolvers. He, in the excitement cocked it and pulled the trigger. He shot through his holster down the side of his leg and through the edge of his shoe – never touching his leg. Then I found out that he had borrowed a friends gun and had never shot the thing before. We went on to shooting up a box of shells apiece because the snakes were still wiggling around in the weeds around the rocks.

I think that this is the dumbest thing not to teach a kid early to shot and handle a gun. But these people are out there, they are here, there are there, they are every where. And one has to be their toes to stay away from them. I had my son shooting my old single shot .22 by the time he was 5. He retired from the Air Force and started a security business and it was such for some kind of legal reason that he had to own the firearms, so he had at one time 120 hand guns and 15 shotguns he said. The guards would hand over the guns to the one’s taking over the shift.

Yes, yes, yes, teach’em early.

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