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I haven't been in the Army nor the Marines but I know that a portion of their basic training is how to kill people and the other part is how to survive while doing this. All good Recon Marines are taught how to eat in the wild - when there is no chow hall around...grubs, snails, mice AND SNAKES. One thing about eating snakes, you have to catch them first. Remember they taste just like chicken. And one is not going to pass up a good tasting meal just because the snake may be poisonous. Usually the poison is contained in their heads, besides most snake venom can be consumed, it is when it is gets into one’s blood stream that gives the trouble. Just don’t have ulcers. And usually the first thing to do is KILL the snake. Now how better to kill a dangerous snake than to know how it will react when trying to kill it, right. Between you and me I would rather eat snake than, grubs, or mice...now snails are okay. All of those Frenchman that eat escargot know what’s good. I have a photo here some place where all we had to eat were those big Conk Snails – they were just like chewing on a piece of rubber.

Snakes - Mess around with them a little. You wouldn’t let your child out into bunch of poisonous snakes without first teaching them how to survive and act if so confronted, would you.
I met a girl in the Philippines that said that they lived near a patch of jungle that was between them and her way to school. If they didn’t go through this patch it was a long way around. Her dad told her to just run as she went through this patch. She did this all the way from the first grade through high school – twice a day. That patch of jungle was full of cobras, pythons and other unsavory critters. Cobras and pythons are both slow. The secretary of the boss one day said that her grand father was walking one day and was bitten by a ‘Rice snake’, and died in a few minutes. Maybe he should have been running. You may have heard of the ‘Two stepper’....get bitten and you have two steps left. That is a little of an exaggeration, you can have as much as 10 minutes or so....that is the rice snake. In Vietnam, it was said, they had the ‘one cigarette snake’. That is when so bitten just set down, you had time for one last cigarette. I personally never was near any of this and to this day I don’t know just how true this may be.

But I do know this, if you are going to lead a sheltered life, it is usually your fault.

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