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Have any of you eaten Deer Kelaguen? That is just what it is called in Guam and that area. It is raw meats. Around the world it is called their local name. I worked for two years in Guam and a coworker was having a birthday party for his young son and asked me if I had ever eaten Deer Kelaguen and I said no. He said come on over and have some. It was about two in the afternoon and I ask where is this Kelaguen. And he said, oh they just left to get a couple of deer. Two guys came back about three with two deer that they had shot with a .38 revolver. They butchered them out and by five it was ready. The deer there are about three feet tall.
And by the way, Fruit Bat is thee local delicacy. They just cook them in a pot of boiling coconut milk. Guts, hair and all. And the only thing really to eat is the stomach and guts and suck on the head....and no I have never partaken. But it was on the menu at the local Hilton Hotel restaurant.

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