Well, the board is either fixed, or it's going to run terribly. Cross your fingers and hope for the best. I'm at my technical limit right now.


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#1 Post by OLDGUNNER » Tue Dec 05, 2017 6:21 pm

I am just trying to get use to my new camera with posting photos. I am finding (so far) I have to degrade the photos to get them to post) otherwise (so far) all I seem to get with this forum program is, "Error, File too large to post". If anyone has this type of camera I would appreciate some help on this...it is a Nikon 3400...Well I think the forum program can't be changed of course.

I just got a new can of Bon ami, it says, "Cleans Without Scratching". we know that's a lie - it just takes a more a high powered viewing device to see the scratches.
And I would like to say,that this Bon ami isn't going to do any lapping of course, it will just do the very fine polishing 'after' the proper 'LAPPING'. I think it is much finer than any of the JB product line. And I get 14 oz for 1.89. If I can keep it away from my wife, it will last me the rest of my life. I am going to try it on my plastic car head lights.

I have 8 pounds of Linde A, and that sure has gone up in price. The Linde A is 0.3 micron. I tried that on my head light covers and that was just too fine. From what I have found this Bon ami has a hardness of about '6', on the Mohs' scale.

Oh by the way, We are all looking for brass polishing compounds for our vibrators - I took a big garbage sized plastic bag, cut it open and put a flat piece of steel in the center and took a hammer and crushed plain sand, sifted it through a sieve, mixed it with some old dried-up hand lotion and paint thinner. Works every time. One realizes that it sure helps to be hard retired to have the extra time for all of my DIY stuff.


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