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Re: Buying first surplus rifle, what to look for

Posted: Sun Nov 17, 2019 9:33 pm
by 72 usmc
Yep, that is a fact. A lot of tall tales are told to peddle a rifle or pistol, especially when it has been altered by adding fake markings or the import mark was removed.

Re: Buying first surplus rifle, what to look for

Posted: Fri Nov 29, 2019 10:48 pm
by ffuries
Note, be sure to understand how to use a no-go gauge, go gauge, muzzle gauge etc. They are great tools WHEN you know how to use them. I see so many posts on the various firearm forums, where people are confused with the results, or on how to use them etc.

A little knowledge goes a long way, and is a powerful tool. Learning what is correct, what's missing, whether the missing parts are hard/easy or cheap/expensive to acquire.

Another point, I have this forum and several other gun forums saved to my phone. Why you ask. Well they have a wealth of information put on them by people, like 72 USMC, that are a great resource when looking at something you know little about. I can pull them up at a gunshow or gun store and do quick research to base my decision as to whether I should buy or not.

Just my unsolicited 2 cents.........