Gun Shows: When Did Our World Go Nuts?

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Re: Gun Shows: When Did Our World Go Nuts?

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boltactionbill wrote:
Tue Oct 22, 2019 10:34 am
How about this one, last show I was at a seller had a prominently displayed 91 sniper. His signage claimed it was used at leningrad and he was asking $2400 for it. I was laughing so hard I had to sit down to catch my breath.
I got that one beat, and this is the most common deception of selling a used guns, "only 200 rounds fired through it". yeah, right :roll: . that's like saying a woman with 3 kids is a virgin. where? in her ear canal? :lol:

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Re: Gun Shows: When Did Our World Go Nuts?

Post by Ernest77 »

72 usmc wrote:
Mon Feb 26, 2018 11:55 am
Todds stuff is always A1, most stuff I got from him was fair normal price, but way better in condition than I could find by going to ten shows in WI. And 100 times better than Century or Samco would send you. Todd would select 2 out of 100 that he looked at as far as his requirements for quality goes. His word is good as Gold. If you should have a problem he would make it correct. I actually do not know of anyone that had problems. The extra in cash for shipping and FFL transfer is way better than the gas and time spent going to shows or shops if its that one hard to find item. The biggest problem I have had with Todd is the pistols or rifle he sends out is just too good to fire. It goes in the safe or I feel guilty shooting it. Or you spend 10mins trying to open the box because it is packaged so well.

I do find prices in WI at shows generally lower than most shops, but on a top condition specimen Todd can beat the gun show price. And in the last 5 years, cheep surplus goodies in top condition are gone. You only see them when a collection comes to light because the old guy died and the wife /son is selling off the private collection cheep because she wants the stuff gone. And if they end private sales at gun shows, even that type of deal will be gone. Then watch prices rise. What is really funny is too see the dealers buy the stuff from private sale tables and put it on theirs and double the price.

Of late, most WI shows have poor condition surplus guns and/or prices are sky high. I am done buying due to health problems and age. I just go to buy books and BS with friends. But, I just do not see the young 30-40 year olds looking for surplus. The few younger people at shows seem to be into the black rifles or newer pistols for conceal carry. I think the high prices at shows, poor condition surplus examples, and less availability of nice surplus stuff is preventing the younger crowd from collecting. The days of going to shows or stores and going through 20 Mosins or Enfields and having the pick of the litter is gone. Most WI shows got the poor condition rejects and at high prices. If you want a joke go to a Cabelas and look at their used surplus stuff. Prices are nuts. I encounter their clown buyers at the local shows low balling sellers at private sale tables. You do not even get cash, they use a Cabelas store check. Currently, any gun show in WI, will have cheeper prices than the Cabelas in Richfield WI. This can also be on new gun too. The second golden age of surplus 1980s -2009 is over. Now import marks are huge, nasty billboards on the firearms and condition seems to be down. And $350 for a 91/30 Mosin :D :lol: :roll: :roll: I miss the 1990s :violin: :violin:

Also of note, most of my friends that sell guns at shows have two prices: one for ones that they decide by look/appearance, temperment, attitude that it is not wise too sell to as a private sale and those they deem safe/normal. But at small show private sales, the seller wants info. They do not sell to those that do not want to sign a statement indicating if they are not a felon or have a domestic dispute charge and provide their name, phone #, address, and DL number. So I am seeing more surplus for sale as private sales Rachat de crédit meilleurs taux banques , but no posted price. I got a nice Mas 36 for 85 and a fantastic Enfield P14 for 500 bucks from a lady, but she refused to except offers from dealers and the Cabelas guy because she was selling the collection at what he paid or only slightly higher than what her husband had listed in his book to collectors only-- his wish I guess. So all sorts of odd things are going on at shows due to liability issues.
Since I have no cash, I do better horse trading 2 for one or 1 for 1.

As a warning- the dirt balls that sell guns out of a trunk at shows generally have stuff that's hot. And most large shows to medium shows have police walking around looking for such sellers so they can run a check on the rifle to see if they are hot. Some shows have lists of rare guns that have been ripped off in the local area. Also at most shows the sellers have the pistols tied down to their table and are coded with color stickers for sold items. Most shows ban sales outside of the show in WI. You just bring your gun in, have it safety checked and tagged, then walk around with it and buyers at the show will ask to see it, its price and maybe buy it. All sales are conducted in the show. While walking around the show most sellers at tables ask to buy it. So many ask that it's hard to get around because dealers are asking "what you have for sale& price." if you are smart, never conduct a sale out side. You can make a contact but conduct the transaction inside and get the sellers name & info in case it turns out to be hot. If its too good of a deal use some caution.
HI. Thank you for exposing this with us, I find it really interesting! However, a detail trots me a little, I would like to expose it if it is possible. Thank you for your return.  Good luck to all.

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